When can we expect season 2?

Fans of Netflix K-drama zombie, we are all deadwill be happy to hear that Season 2 is currently in development.

Netflix has made K-dramas quite popular. They have increased in demand with the release of squid game. After completing this, fans of the rising K-drama movement were quickly appeased by the release of Hell, which was a dark and mind-blowing fantasy show that also left fans devastated at the end. Luckily, fans didn’t have to wait too long as just a month later until what would be the next hit K-drama: We are all dead.

The zombie series genre has always done relatively well, and this K-drama was no different as it sparked an instant buzz almost as soon as it hit the streaming platform. we are all dead quickly proved to be one of the best K-dramas on Netflix, quickly rising to fame after its release in January 2022. But when can we expect season 2?

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Season 2

Netflix announced in June 2022 that the show would return for a second season, but failed to mention a release date. Since then, the creative team behind Netflix we are all dead season 2 has been very tight-lipped about all the details, but it was reported by What’s on Netflix that the series went into pre-production on the 13the of July.

No updates have been made since the June announcement, unfortunately, and it’s unclear when principal photography will begin or even when the project will move from pre-production to production, making it very difficult to assume. when we are all dead season 2 will finally be added to Netflix. Since this is a nascent project, it’s safe to say that the second series will likely not arrive on Netflix until late 2023 at the earliest, but more likely in 2024.

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What is the show about?

It was a normal school day for students at a Korean high school – until a student returned from the school science lab infected with an unknown virus. Suddenly, the high school becomes ground zero for a zombie virus outbreak. As the infection quickly spreads within the school and spreads to the Sans Peninsula, the military desperately interrogates the psychotic science teacher who started it all. The trapped students must fight their way through or become one of the enraged infected.

Directed by JQ Lee and Kim Nam-Soo, and written by Seong-il Cheon, the series has an excellent critical rating of 87% and an equally high audience rating of 79%, it is clear that we are all dead is well liked. Since it was so well loved, it didn’t take long for fans to start wondering when they would see the second season.

Popular K-dramas take a pretty dark turn, going from a fatal game show to a dark fantasy world that contains demons chasing people who have sinned, to one of the most beloved genres in the history of cinema / television, zombies. Although there have been unconfirmed rumors of a season 2 for squid games also, it seems like everyone is excited for we are all dead season 2.

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Tell us, are you excited about Netflix we are all dead season 2?

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