What is Artlist? Everything you need to know about this music licensing platform

During your early days as a YouTuber, social media creator, or podcaster, you probably won’t think too much about the impact of different sounds on your content. But as your expertise grows, you’ll begin to better understand how sound can engage your audience.

Creating online content is one of the most in-demand professions on the planet, and finding music and sounds to go along with what you’re doing is easier than ever. We’ve seen several companies offering royalty-free sounds burst onto the scene, and one of the most popular is Artlist.


So what exactly is Artlist, and what can you use it for? Where can you use it and how much does it cost? Keep reading; we’ll reveal the answers to each of these questions below.

What is Artlist?

List of artists is a platform that lets you download an unlimited amount of music and sound effects for your videos and podcasts. The company was founded in 2016 and looks a bit like Epidemic Sound, another company in this niche you may have heard of.

To use music and sound effects on Artlist, you will need to create an account and pay for a license. We’ll talk more about the monetary side of things later. Once you purchase your authorization, you can download over 12,000 songs and over 60,000 sound effects.

Where can you use music and sound effects from Artlist?

Where you can use the music and sound effects on Artlist depends on the type of license you choose. However, you will find some platforms where it is possible to use these sounds regardless of your membership level. we’ll cover the main ones below.


Making videos that stand out is one of the fundamental basics of starting a YouTube channel, and adding music to your content is a great way to do that. The music you use can dramatically change the story you’re trying to tell, and it will also change the emotions your viewers feel when they watch your content.

When you license from Artlist, you can use music and sound effects from your videos, while monetizing your content. Considering the number of songs to choose from and the volume added each month, it will be easier for you to download more original projects.


Podcasts are among the most popular forms of content to consume, and for several good reasons. You can listen to them in multiple situations, including on your daily commute and when you go for your daily walk. They are a great way to increase your knowledge with little effort required.

Naturally, sound is the most crucial aspect of a podcast. Of course, you’ll need to speak clearly and have interesting things to talk about, but you’ll also want to think about how you can give yourself even more of an advantage.

Artlist lets you use its songs and sound effects on multiple podcasting platforms, and like YouTube, you can always monetize your content.


Twitch is one of the most popular streaming platforms in the world, and you can use the service for several purposes; gambling is one of the most common. Like the other platforms already mentioned, understanding how you can keep your users engaged on Twitch is essential if you want to successfully grow a long-term following.

Even if you buy a basic license on Artlist, you can use unlimited amount of music and sound effects on the platform.


In 2020 and 2021, Instagram has started to raise the bar with a focus on video content. As a result, many creators who previously only focused on photography have expanded their skills to include video.

Instagram reels have become particularly popular, and you can use music and sound effects from Artlist to help your posts stand out. You can also use Artlist for Instagram Stories and regular video content you post to the timeline.

How much does Artlist cost?

Creating an account with Artlist is free, but you can’t use the music and sound effects you see until you purchase a license. Artlist has a tiered pricing structure with two main options, plus another for larger companies.

The most basic Artlist license plan is Personal, which allows you to use content uploaded to the Website on up to one channel for each social media platform to which you have access. For the personal plan, you will have access to all the channels mentioned in the previous section, plus TikTok.

If you want to use this plan, you can purchase an annual subscription which costs $9.99 per month on average over the year. Alternatively, you can purchase a monthly plan for $14.99 per month instead.

You can opt for the Unlimited license subscription if you need something more complex. With this package, you can use Artlist’s music and sound effects on unlimited social media platforms, in addition to client and commercial work.

Unlike the personal plan, you can also use unlimited website licenses. If you buy an annual subscription, the price starts at $16.90 per month.

If none of the above solutions meet your needs, you can purchase a Company subscription. These plans are more specifically tailored to your needs, and you will need to contact the Artlist sales team to negotiate a price.

What can you find on Artlist?

Now that you know where you can use Artlist and how much it costs, let’s talk a little more about what you can find on the platform.


The main reason many creators use Artlist is because of its wide selection of music. You’ll find thousands of songs from multiple genres and for multiple themes, including acoustic, country, and electronic.

You will find a mixture of instrumental tracks and songs with lyrics. Each track is original, so you’ll never run out of ideas.

Sound effects

In addition to music, Artlist is also particularly useful for sound effects. You’ll find a range of effects you can use in your content, including transitions and vehicle sounds.

Having sound effects is especially useful in podcasts because you can use them to paint a picture where the listener doesn’t have access to the videos.

Every content creator can benefit from using Artlist

Artlist is one of many providers of royalty-free music and sound effects, and its offerings have grown significantly since the company was founded. You will have access to new songs and sounds every month, and you can use them to make your content interesting without having to worry about copyrights.

If you’re not sure where to start, consider getting a personal plan if you’re new to online content creation. Then, as your expertise increases, you can upgrade as needed.

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