Viral Fission, one of Asia’s largest award-winning Gen Z networks, has announced the 1st edition of COLLIDE, billed as one of the biggest student festivals India has ever seen. Focusing on Mumbai as the destination and epicenter, the event will open up attendance and invite pan-Indian colleges including Tier 1, 2 and 3 cities. It hopes to see an attendance of 15,000 college students and will have a attendance of 4,000 to 5,000 at the event.

Highlights will be the Mock Stock event, where participants’ trading skills will be tested in a risk-free environment and a Crypto workshop where colleagues will have the chance to understand digital currencies, invest and create portfolios . Esportstournaments to test skills, find new talent and engage the Gen Z esports and gaming community. chemistry and the artistry behind it are some of the highlights of the 2-day festival. Workshops and events include esports and sports, finance, management, fine arts, performing arts, and literary arts. An impressive roster of musical artists in electronic, RAP and other genres is planned to amplify the entertainment and create a concert experience.

By creating the largest post-pandemic Gen Z-focused live experience in India, the creators have elevated the idea of ​​an average festival in every way. Taking note of live global acts and a redefined festival culture, the network will create a hotspot for networking, talent-led business, technology and innovation events, culture and other immersive experiences. The goal is to reflect the evolving demand of Gen Z, ditch outdated acts, and create a safe, enjoyable, and value-driven experience for these festival newbies. The prominent brands and leaders recruited to mentor, advise and engage will be announced soon.

After 2 years of small-scale live events and living in the virtual event bubble, Gen Z audiences have missed out on the best years and most important festival experience of their lives, Viral Fission has been at the front row seats to witness the concerns and demands of Generation Z on the festival front and the live experience. Armed with ideas, COLLIDE is planned with safety precautions and respect for all health and safety concerns as Gen Z prepares to exit the bubble into the real world of massive events.

Commenting on COLLIDE’s announcement, Shreyas Hegde, co-founder of Viral Fission, said, “Elevating every aspect of Gen Z’s personal and professional journeys has been our primary goal. We conceptualized this event to reinforce our stance on being all things young, from online to now offline. COLLIDE will be our largest offline IP that will give our customers and brand partners real-time flavor and access to our community. While the structure of the competition will bring out the best talent in the country, the overarching goal is to bring together young people from across the country on a platform that Viral Fission as a business consistently thrives on. ”20K+ strong network, Viral Fission engages and brings value to Gen Z through various IPs and engagements, including the VF TURF multi-city sporting event, an entrepreneur-led ideation event and startups, Project Runway, VF Refreshers, Parallel. COLLIDE will be Viral Fission’s biggest live event for non-network members. The dates for the event have been confirmed for October 7-8 and will be held at NESCO, Mumbai. Admission will be free and via college identification only.

Participants can register via a microsite. Participants have free access through their respective current college ID.

About Viral Fission: Viral Fission was founded in November 2019 with the aim of bridging the gap between India’s energetic youth and the brands they love. The central thought is an inspiration drawn by the founders from their own academic experience and learning. The company aims to redefine the brand’s visibility indicators with/for young people. Viral Fission offers a community network of young people who co-create unparalleled brand experiences. Viral Fission also won two awards recently, the Mommy and Afaqs Marketers of Excellence Awards.

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