“Vacation Memories”, an exhibition of works by Spanish photographer Yosigo, brings the beaches to Seoul


“San Sebastian, Spain” by Yosigo (MEDIA N ART)

In another summer of COVID-19, many people yearn for the beautiful ocean views, trips to the beach, and a chance to swim in the sea. The scenery that so many miss. we can be found in Seoul in the work of Spanish photographer Yosigo.

The “Yosigo Photographs: Vacation Memories” exhibit has become one of the most popular exhibitions in Seoul since it opened in June, having gone viral among young people who can’t go to the beach. The exhibition is so popular that visitors have to wait at least an hour, according to the organizer, MEDIA N ART.

A view of the installation of “Photographs by Yosigo: Holiday Memories” at Ground Seesaw Seochon in Seoul (MEDIA N ART)

Born in 1981, Yosigo – real name José Javier Serrano – grew up in San Sebastian, a famous tourist town on the Mediterranean coast. With this background, it is not surprising that the sea is his main photographic subject.

Some 350 photographs of Yosigo, demonstrating his unique visual language, take visitors to various attractions around the world, including La Concha Beach in his hometown, which he remembers as a “cold and lonely town”.

“When I take a landscape photo, I prefer to have no one in the scene, because I want to understand what space means and express why it is important. The presence of tourists hinders what we really want to see. Rather than enjoying the scenery, they just want to let others know why they were there, ”the artist said in a quote on display at the gallery.

Yosigo interprets mundane subjects to make his photographs special. The analog atmosphere created with the light and the compositions provides comfort. Besides the sea, his photography includes architecture and a variety of moments he captured while traveling the world, including scenes from the United States, United Arab Emirates, Hungary and Japan.

“Dubai, United Arab Emirates” by Yosigo (Park Yuna / The Korea Herald)

Managing light was an important part of Yosigo’s job when he took photographs of mundane subjects such as buildings. Natural light is a great source of inspiration for him. The warm atmosphere of the geometric compositions of the facades of the buildings comes from the artist’s use of orange tones.

“A building may seem dull to me all day long, but when it encounters a moment of bright light, it can produce a magical photo. … When I compose a photo, I look for geometric patterns and a harmony of light that satisfy me, ”he said.

Because he worked as a graphic designer before becoming a photographer, Yosigo is intrigued by geometric arrangements. The terraces, corridors and staircases that appear in several of his photographs show his sense of order and balance.

Visitors see works on display Thursday in “Photographs by Yosigo: Holiday Memories” at Ground Seesaw Seochon in Seoul.  (Park Yuna / The Korea Herald)

Visitors see works on display Thursday in “Photographs by Yosigo: Holiday Memories” at Ground Seesaw Seochon in Seoul. (Park Yuna / The Korea Herald)

When it comes to choosing cities for his photographs, he is moved by the exotic allure and architectural identity. For example, the “Documentary” section of the exhibition includes the Budapest Hot Tubs, which he believed to be a good visual association with the aesthetics of his photography.

The exhibition runs until December 5 at Ground Seesaw Seochon.

By Park Yuna ([email protected])

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