UK’s biggest news agency just switched to Sony cameras


The UK and Ireland’s largest national news agency is switching from DSLR cameras to Sony mirrorless cameras.

Sony scored a big win for its camera business this week by making a deal with PA (formerly known as the Press Association) to have its photojournalists shoot with Sony cameras and lenses.

PA was founded 153 years ago, in 1868. Its parent company is PA Media Group Limited, a private company owned by 26 shareholders who are mostly UK based newspapers (including the Daily Mail).

As part of its new partnership with Sony, PA will be upgrading its 90+ photographers and video journalists to Sony full-frame mirrorless and cinema Alpha cameras.

Lenses that PA photojournalists will be shooting with include the FE 24-70mm f / 2.8GM, FE 70-200mm f / 2.8 GM OSS, FE 135mm f / 1.8GM, and FE 400mm f / 2.8GM OSS.

“With the evolution of the quality of photo and video technology and in particular the introduction of Sony’s full-frame silent shutter mode and remote capture, this means journalists and photographers have been able to adapt. and take pictures in previously impossible situations, ”Sony said in a statement. press release, “eg silently during broadcast – a key requirement for official engagements, where most recently the Sony Alpha 9 II has been used.”

The PA also took into account Sony’s remote shooting features to quickly send photos to the newswire before making the decision to switch to the brand.

Sony says it will help PA photojournalists set up their new equipment as well as regularly train photographers as equipment changes and improves.

“We are extremely honored to announce this collaboration with PA Media, the largest news agency in the UK and Ireland,” said Yasuo Baba, Commercial Director of Sony Europe Pro. “We are incredibly proud to work alongside them to provide their clients with top-notch news and sports photography and video.

“The partnership and ongoing relationship will not only help us to further develop our camera system, but will also allow us to better serve their professional photographers and video journalists in the future, giving them the ability to capture, transmit and deliver footage from the future. ‘in a way they never could have before. “

“Sony’s silent shutter, stunning lenses and brilliant sensors, and the relationship we’ve built with them over the past few years have made this change an easy choice,” says Martin Keene, editor-in-chief of PA Group. “Having both photos and video cameras from the same manufacturer simplifies workflow and color balance in both genres.

“It’s a big investment, but the opportunity to have our entire team using the same brand new cutting edge kit is both rare and really useful, and will make a real difference in the quality of the images our customers see. .

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