This all-black cabin finds the balance between escape and mystery with floor-to-ceiling windows on the mountainside!


CASA Studio’s Bali House is a cantilevered, multi-level mountain retreat with fully glazed glass windows for an almost all-glass exterior, open-air terraces with stunning views, and sophisticated living spaces with dark stone and warm wood elements.

It’s hard not to fantasize about our future dream home. Outdoor patio walkways, somewhere with plenty of sunset views, semi-outdoor dining, skylights galore. Using 3dsmax, Corona Renderer and Adobe Photoshop, interior photography and CGI studio, CASA creates 3D visualizations of architectural plans and their interiors for advertising and public relations clients. Designing the escape homes of our dreams is their job at Casa, and their latest home called Bali House features an almost all-glass facade and a cantilevered frame.

The Bali House appears to be nestled in the mountains, somewhere with a subtropical climate. Housed on the mountainside, the Bali House maintains an obscure profile, with a jet black finish and a no-frills exterior. On the property’s slatted ground floor, an infinity pool takes center stage alongside a covered living and dining area. The outside deck area is accessed by a staircase that connects to the first floor of the house. The first floor kitchen follows the same enigmatic design scheme as the exterior of the house.

Frosted dark stone countertops refine and refresh the rustic wood paneling in the kitchen, giving the kitchen a personality that is both comfortable and stylish. The living room replaces the sturdy rectangular elements of the house with playful circular touches. The arched free-standing fixture almost skims the ceiling, and the room’s circular groundsheet showcases a round coffee table at its center. Leaving the living room, a staircase leads to the master bedroom and the laundry areas.

Stairs from the living room take you to the home’s master bedroom where there is a king-size bed wrapped in ash gray linens and topped with houndstooth pillows. Warm lighting emanates from a smoked gray glass fixture to create the ambiance of the bedroom: suave, but comfortable. Walking from the bedroom to the bathroom, a walk-in closet separates the two, and residents are greeted with an open-air arrangement. The bathroom sink, tub and shower are kept in the same room with no doors or borders to separate them, giving the bathroom a subdued mature vibe ideal for honeymooners and solo travelers.

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