The Soul of Salt Lake City

evo Hotel, a one-of-a-kind lodging experience that recently opened as the ultimate launch pad for exploring Salt Lake City and its surroundings, has unveiled its carefully executed design. Celebrating the historic roots of its location in a century-old warehouse and channeling the spirit and energy of an active outdoor lifestyle, evo Hotel aims to connect the community with what it loves, the outdoors and the leisure to art, culture and beyond. evo Hotel is an evo and Lake Union Partners project in the Granary District of Salt Lake City, where five previously disjointed warehouses have been assembled and now form a vibrant 100,000 square foot complex. community gathering place—Salt Lake Campus.

Near world-class destinations for biking, climbing, hiking and snow sports, Salt Lake Campus is home to the new 50-room evo hotel, Level Nine Sports, All Together Skatepark, Bouldering Project (opening spring) and a future restaurant that will complement the hotel’s catering program.

“Sense of place drives the design aesthetic of evo Hotel, where guests will meet old friends, make new ones, and experience a sensory journey unique to this place,” said Tommy Trause, store development and hospitality manager, evo. “We wanted to both greet travelers from around the world and guests on the ground in Salt Lake City through the design, which cherishes the rich heritage of on-site warehouses and features spaces fueled by progressive design trends.”

Remnants of the past and unexpected design elements enhance the sense of discovery

Salt Lake City-based architectural firm Lloyd Architects approached the adaptive reuse project with a commitment to preserving the authenticity of the neighborhood and maintaining the integrity and soul of the buildings by using as much of the original structure. Celebrating remnants of the past as the authentic foundation of the project, the design leaves the ceiling trusses exposed and showcases the original lettering painted on the brick walls, amplifying these touches to create a sense of discovery for guests. Materials such as brick, plaster and wood trusses light up the historic building, while found objects complement the eclectic interiors by Portland-based interior design firm Vida, which managed the purchase and l installation of all furniture for evo Hotel.

Newton Breiter, Creative Director of Lake Union Partners, said, “It was so inspiring to work with the creative teams at evo, Vida and Lloyd Architects on such a purposeful hospitality experience that honors the architectural character of heritage warehouses by bricks and wood that make up Campus Salt Lake.

The intersection of art, culture and outdoor recreation

Entering the lobby, guests are grounded in the foundation of time and place, where a two-story glass entrance adds a contemporary touch to an age-old facade. Outfitted with flexible furniture for lounging, dining, and working, the music-filled lobby awakens the senses and invites guests into a buzz of activity as soon as they arrive.

A concierge desk elevates the functional activity of check-in by being placed in front of a window with a view of the on-site skatepark. The lobby is flooded with natural light and features muted gray interiors and vintage pink chandeliers sourced from Italy and descending from the second-floor mezzanine. On the right is a two-story artwork by local designer Adam Clark that features a beautiful line of local cross-country skiing. Venturing deeper into the space, guests encounter a quirky, pink, vintage coffee bar and a striking mural by brothers Andrew and David Rice behind a grand architectural steel staircase. The eye-catching cafe-bar was designed by multidisciplinary design firm Blackmouth Design, who also created a royal blue-hued upstairs bar with upcycled and restored elements.

Serving as a central node for all surrounding business spokes, the Grand Lobby includes arrival touchpoints such as check-in, a photo booth and the lobby coffee bar, and leads customers into the evo retail store. , Bouldering Project, All Together Skatepark and upstairs the mezzanine spaces and accommodation. Each space features details that respond to guests’ shared passions for art, music, good food, recreation, sports and entertainment.

As a fun addition, a disco ball chandelier created by Blackmouth Design hangs from the mezzanine space. The chandelier hovers above the Great Hall and reflects the typography of the local iconic peak, Mount Superior. The unexpected design element pays homage to the beauty and grandeur of the summit. Facilities like this are carefully designed to stimulate conversation among the adventure seekers who will stay at the hotel.

Community spaces serve as a meeting place for all

The hotel’s social and energetic vibe extends to a rooftop cocktail bar, penthouse patio, lounge and event spaces, and flexible meeting rooms designed to inspire creativity and spontaneous connection.

evo CEO/Founder Bryce Phillips said, “We love designing spaces that bring the outdoor community together, from our skate parks to our brick-and-mortar stores that blend retail, art, the outdoors and community. Adding evo Hotel to our family of companies is a natural step for evo. We know our customers travel to share the sports we love to play, and they share our passion for art and culture. evo Hotel is designed with these customers in mind and reflects what we all love to do. Hotel details, from curated local artwork to equipment storage and room types, have all been thoughtfully designed to suit the lifestyle of our guests. We want our guests to stay somewhere where they belong and meet interesting people who share their passions. From my point of view, it’s the dream.

In the upstairs “Living Room”, rugs, comfy sofas and a large wall mural by Chuck Landvatter create a bohemian vibe. At the rooftop bar, an intimate balcony creates the look of a New Orleans walled garden with a fire pit, greenery, and wrought-iron chairs. Adaptable seating arrangements and fireside lounges make the evo Hotel an ideal destination for live music and events.

Rooms offer stylish features for adventure seekers

While public spaces are designed to make connections easy, guest rooms at evo Hotel are designed to be lived in, with durable materials, comfortable beds, plenty of device plug-ins, and thoughtful storage options designed by Blackmouth Design for drying and storing active equipment.

Every detail is designed around the needs of customers throughout the year and takes into account the local environment.

With a variety of room types, evo Hotel caters to a range of interests and needs, creating a diverse social scene that extends to solo travelers and families alike. Rafter rooms feature cozy cabin-style interiors, bright action shots at their entrances, and spacious hallway lockers for storing large snowboards. Channeling a retro lodge and designed for rock climbers, the Boulder Rooms feature a pegboard as a headboard and 8 knots in the lamp wiring. The bunk rooms include a model ideal for traveling with children, with a bathtub and curtains surrounding a bunk bed. Wasatch Rooms feature private balconies with panoramic mountain views, including a specialty suite featuring a beautiful wood bed frame and headboard, sectional sofas, dining area, and bed linens. a listening studio where customers can relax while listening to old records.

Each room at evo Hotel features a unique piece of art curated by local creatives, Anna and Adam Clarke. The art collection covers rooms and public spaces, with a total of 50 local artists. evo Hotel is operated by Sightline Hospitality, a hotel management company dedicated to the art of soulful stays, whether it’s big brand hotels, soft brands or independent hotels.

Photo credit: Gabe Roth, PhotoFusionMedia

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