The Skyline Series Biggest Ride Is So Cheap (And Looks So Big)

The Skyline movies were all produced for pretty low budgets, but despite that, the sci-fi franchise consistently defies all restrictions.

the Horizon The franchise was built on fairly modest resources, but the series still feels a lot more expensive than it is. the Horizon The sci-fi series is one of the most impressive achievements of any franchise in recent years. the original Horizon debuted in theaters in 2010, and although it was a relatively low key release at the time, it was successful enough to keep the franchise moving forward.

beyond the horizon would arrive late in 2017, with Horizon co-writer Liam O’Donnell takes over as director from the Strauss brothers. the Horizon the franchise really took off with the film, greatly expanding the scope of the alien invasion and giving the “pilots“a very significant presence. beyond the horizon also mixed genres in a never-before-seen way, adding martial arts into the mix with Iko Uwais and Yayan Ruhian, who both broke out with Lowering movies. 2020s Horizons maintained the series’ new formula and solidified the popularity it had achieved.


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While all three Horizon movies built on the show’s universe in their own way, they all did so with far less funding behind them than you might expect. The first one Horizon was produced for $10-20 million, with only $500,000 spent on filming. The film mostly set in an apartment complex at the time of the invasion helps show the frugality of its principal photography. Still, the visual effects of the alien craft and the film’s final fifteen minutes in particular make the film’s overall low budget an impressive achievement.

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beyond the horizon is even more amazing in how it was made with just $20 million. The scope of the story is greatly expanded from that of the Independence Day– large-scale invasion of Horizon, the set moving from Los Angeles to Laos over the course of the film. Alien invaders and the spaceships they arrive in also play a whole new role in Beyond Skyline. The interior of the ships is a more important setting in the film. The ships themselves are complemented with very polished CGIs wherever necessary, and beyond the horizon makes it necessary quite frequently.

The 7-foot-tall pilots are also very well put together practical alien suits, but it doesn’t stop there. The pilots’ taller human counterparts scoff at expectations of what $20 million should be able to accomplish. Horizons continued the expansion of the franchise by taking the series to the alien’s home world, Cobalt-1. For a third time, the Horizon series puts every last penny of its budget on screen in Horizonswhich tells a more space war type story in the vein of aliens. Set fifteen years after the initial invasion, Earth is now a very different place with the remnants of the attack giving whole cities a new look. With that, the sets of Cobalt-1 and human starships, and the overall heavy use of CGI where necessary, Horizonslike its predecessors, puts many higher-budget sci-fi movies to shame.

Horizons ends on a cliffhanger that sets the stage for O’Donnell’s planned fourth chapter in the series, seemingly bearing the working title of Radial horizon line. After the first three Horizon movies, it will be interesting to see how it continues the expansion of the franchise from its humble beginnings in 2010 by launching an alien invasion of Earth. What remains the most impressive achievement of the Horizon franchise is that it grew up where it is with limited resources, completely masking all of its limitations.

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