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The McMillan Arts Center (MAC) in Parksville is presenting four shows through the end of March.

The work of Linda Greig visible in his show, Flower Poweruntil March 27.

In a MAC statement, Greig said: “I am very lucky to live on Vancouver Island where I am surrounded by lush forests, blue seas and where breathtaking flowers come to life each spring. The natural beauty that surrounds me never ceases to amaze me and motivate me to create.

Greig wrote that she paints primarily in acrylics and watercolors or pastels, and often embellishes her work with torn paper, fabric, thread, and other “found” materials. Her art is intuitive without a detailed plan or preliminary drawing, where she will start with an idea and see what emerges and responds to the combination of colors and marks on the canvas.

“After years of working to a strict schedule, I find I deeply appreciate the freedom to simply react to a painting as it progresses,” she said.

Alongside Greig’s work, Katherine Meredith’s show, Explore with me – lasting impressions!can also be viewed until March 27.

Meredith said her exhibit is an exploration of the study of water and the surrounding landscapes. It is also an exploration of techniques and styles to produce different effects, feelings and emotions. Since Meredith retired from home renovations and took up her brushes full time, Vancouver Island has become the backdrop for her inspirations. Victoria’s cityscapes to water scenes across the island all give him fantastic ideas for his creative interpretation. Meredith tries to capture the moment or memory on canvas and explore various techniques to capture the mood.

“Nature, when viewed up close, very close, shows spectacular shapes and colors that we tend to miss or ignore,” Meredith said.

Until March 27, the MAC will also present the DeCosmos Fine Arts Society’s current exhibition, Our backyard. Members of the society have created a wide variety of artwork focusing on the theme of “our backyard”, whether it is a literal or local park. All artwork in the company’s exhibit will measure either 12 by 12 inches or six by six inches.

the VIEWPOINTS digital exhibition, in collaboration with Exhibition Photography Festival 2022will also continue in the Vestiaire du MAC until March 31 and presents the work of six photographers on photography and its impact on a world saturated with images.

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