The British Council and digital platform ArtBramha will showcase Indian arts and culture festivals

NEW DELHI: A digital platform has been launched to showcase Indian art and culture festivals across genres, art forms, locations and languages ​​to culture seekers around the world. Organized by the British Council in partnership with ArtBramha, Festivals From India will provide professionals, including artists, artistic directors, curators and students interested in exploring work in the festival sector, with reading resources including research on industry, news and opportunities.

Festivals From India will host festivals of all genres including Arts and Crafts, Design, Dance, Film, Folk Arts, Food and Culinary Arts, Heritage, Literature, Interdisciplinary Arts and multi-arts, music, new media, photography, theater and visual arts among others, across places and languages.

“We made possible the Festivals from India platform with ArtBramha in India and the Audience Agency in the UK to develop new audiences and showcase the wide variety of arts and cultural festivals here; develop the business skills of festival managers with British and Indian experts; and developing international partnerships and networks with the UK and beyond,” said Jonathan Kennedy, Director (Arts India) at the British Council.

“The platform is launching at the right time as arts and festivals reopen for physical engagements around the world after two years of pandemic-induced closures. We hope Festivals From India will be a gateway to the destination India and will develop even more artistic collaboration with in the UK and internationally,” he also said.

“It will build trust through cultural connections and strengthen the creative economy through partnerships that really matter – between artists, festivals and audiences,” Kennedy added.

To ensure a sustainable future for the festival industry across the country, Festivals From India will focus on festivals that represent India’s modern diversity by welcoming and celebrating gender equality, inclusiveness and development. skills.

According to Rashmi Dhanwani, partner at ArtBrahma, Festivals From India aims to be a window into the dynamic universe of Indian cultural festivals.

For an art lover, it will present the treasures of India’s aesthetic bounty along with all the relevant information they need to make the trip to these festivals a healthy and fulfilling experience, she said.

For artists and arts managers, it will organize the resources, information and opportunities needed to feel empowered to build a career in the festival sector in this space, she added.

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