The best travel spots for photography enthusiasts


Photography is a hobby that allows you to see life from new angles, explore the world around you, and capture its beauty. Travel photography does just that and more, as photographers board planes, ships, and trains to take their photography further. Reach new towns and lands ready to be explored through the camera lens. To choose your next photographic travel destination, online photo sharing site, Clickasnap, have helped bring together some of the best travel spots the world has to offer photography enthusiasts. Take a look here:

Tokyo, Japan

A favorite on the to-do list, Tokyo is a photographer’s dream. Bright city neon lights and tall skyscrapers, this sprawling city provides a great opportunity to try out architectural photography or experiment with lighting and night shots. When choosing a location across town for a photo spot, you will find that you are spoiled for choice. It’s definitely a good idea to plan this trip with time in mind, considering exactly where you want to go, and giving yourself plenty of time to do so. Some of the city’s most famous hot spots, must-sees for avid photographers, include:

  • Harajuku
  • Shibuya Crossing – famous for the big road crossings, this place is perfect for some street scenes
  • Asakusa


This list couldn’t be written without a cry for the land of ice and fire! Iceland is truly beautiful and offers a photo opportunity in all directions. One of the best ways to explore this island is to hire a car, grab your camera, and explore. With glaciers, waterfalls, mountains, and vast open lands, you’ll find yourself experimenting with a range of styles of photography. One of the big goals on the to-do list for many photographers is to capture the Northern Lights on camera – what better place to do it than Iceland!

Rome, Italy

The Eternal City has been a favorite photographic destination and has been for decades. Whether photography is a new hobby or you are an experienced photographer, Rome is full of historic architecture and fascinating street scenes to photograph. Rome is one of those destinations that you can visit again and again while discovering new cool places with each visit. For some quieter times of the year, why not plan your trip during the winter months. This way, fewer tourists will appear in your shots.

Santorini, Greece

An island located in the south of the Aegean Sea, it is a dream destination for many couples, one of the most romantic vacation spots in the world. With its stunning white and blue buildings and perfect lighting reflecting in the crystal clear waters, the island is ideal for travel photographers. Great for sunset photos, crowds often gather in the hundreds to catch a glimpse of the orange hues of the sun and sky as it sets below the horizon – the ultimate photoshoot to add to your portfolio!

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled is a great travel destination to visit any time of the year and will be beautiful regardless of the season. Here you can explore with highlights and angles. As well as delving into abstract photography using the fairytale landscapes that Lake Bled has to offer.

Marrakech, Morocco

While visiting Morocco, you might find yourself spending hours exploring the breathtaking architecture of Marrakech. Play around with angles and different lenses to find the best way to take down small alleys and winding streets. Alternatively, you can take interesting photos of the souks in Medina, strolling slowly around as you photograph the hustle and bustle of everyday life and the people of Marrakech.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Potentially one of the most famous sunrises in the world, the sunrise over ancient Angkor Wat is another feature of many photography bucket lists. Capture the fun of a new day with an early morning site visit to this favorite historic destination. Once the morning is spent exploring the Angkor Wat site, other places in Cambodia are just as photogenic. Staying in Siem Reap Town will provide a whole host of photo ops. You could even take part in one of the many photo tours!

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