Styles Haury Reflects On Lessons Learned From Father By Touching New Single, “A Man Who Knew Nothing”


Styles Haury, a burgeoning country artist, has come a long way from his father’s garage in Ohio to living in Nashville, Tennessee, and preparing for the release of his next project. The excitement for her next album begins with the release of the title track, “A Man That Didn’t Know Nothin”.

Having people who believe in you and your dreams is a huge driving force for success in the industry. This single is inspired by Haury’s father, who is one of those people who have always supported him in his musical ambitions, even if it means selling his car. The lyric video for this single shows the great bond he has with his father through a plethora of heartwarming old photos of them together, ending with a photo of Haury, his father and his new baby girl.

“There hasn’t been a Christmas or birthday that has gone by that I haven’t given myself some kind of musical gift,” Haury said. Country Now. “Every year he gave me something that you could use to pursue your dream in music. I unpacked musical equipment one way or another… until I was an adult. He just helped us buy a tour bus. When I first moved to Nashville, he even sold his Corvette to help fund the move and be able to record and cut the music I had written.

Children often don’t realize the gravity of what their parents did for them growing up. Now that he’s an adult, Haury is able to better understand the reasons for his father’s words and actions. This awareness is what developed in the touching version, “A Man That Didn’t Know Nothin. ‘”

“When we entered the writing room and this title appeared, it was immediately this moment of reflection. It is a story of reflection. Where I have been where I am now, to the relationship with a father who is extremely supportive but from school of hard knocks and growing up you know you swore he knew nothing, and you knew everything , but you come to realize that you really learned a lot from your dad along the way. And it’s also a play about this saying, “oh you’re right, I don’t know anything. I thought about my dad who always said that when I was a kid. It got me thinking about him a lot, especially now that we’re older and live in a few states apart.

The northeastern Ohio native has almost always followed his passions for music, even from a young age. He formed his first band in 4th grade in his father’s garage, and that experience, along with all the other observations he made growing up and hearing classic country sounds in his house, led him to where it is today.

“My mom’s dad played the banjo and my parents always had Kenny Chesney, Alan Jackson and ACDC in the background,” Haury explained. “Growing up my dad would let a band practice in his machine shop, and I also used to go out and watch them play when I was young. I remember first knowing that I wanted to play music, probably around the age of 8, after seeing this band practice in the garage. But looking back I also have pictures of myself in diapers with instruments, naturally I turned to that when I was a kid I guess. “

In “A Man That Didn’t Know Nothin”, along with the rest of the 14 tracks that will make up his debut album, Haury wears his heart on his sleeve as he shares his life stories and all the good and bad that has come. between the two.

“I think it’s fair to say that the theme is my life, and the story, and the lessons of life and when there is so much to experience and so much to love and so much family to be around and cherish. . It’s a timeline of my life so far, and even though I’m only 27, it’s a quarter of life. That’s a quarter of a dollar – a big chunk – of a lifetime. In short, this is the story of my life so far.

Now that he’s living a new chapter in his father’s life for his baby girl, River Eve Haury, with his hometown sweetheart, Brianna Haury, he’s come to understand why his own father has done all he can. made to see his son so happy.

“Well, there’s a song on the record about becoming a dad. I think a lot of my feelings about it are summed up there, in a nutshell. For the first time in my life, it makes you have both hands on the wheel. It changes the whole way you’re connected, the whole reason you’re here. All.”

Styles Haury’s first full album will be released in early 2022.

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