Street-style photographer captured a decade of menswear in a beautiful new book


Over the past 10 years, Giuseppe Santamaria has documented the masculine style by photographing men sitting in cafes, walking the streets, crossing roads, riding bikes, looking at their phones – and everything in between.

Santamaria says her street photography was inspired by American photography legends Bill Cunningham and Saul Leiter, as well as Scott Schuman, whose The Sartorialist the blog came later. Like Schuman, the Sydney-based photographer records changing fashion trends by photographing ordinary people.

“I started on Men in this town blog in 2010. With the rise of the internet and social media at the time, there was a new source of inspiration for menswear, creating an exciting movement in menswear, and I wanted to document the cultural change », He writes in the introduction to his new book of almost 300 pages, Men in this city: a decade of masculine street style.

“Ten years, 11 cities and thousands of photos later, here are my observations on the trends that have taken place on the streets of Sydney, New York, Tokyo, Milan, London, Melbourne, Los Angles, Madrid, Florence and Paris in from 2010 until 2020, ”says Santamaria.

These are well-dressed men captured in all seasons – people wearing bold printed shirts, stylish suits, wide-brimmed hats, warm jackets and a rainbow Pantone of T-shirts, pants and sweaters. colorful. Santamaria says he’s seen the short-beanie (or fisherman’s) trend start in Brooklyn, then pop up in other cities, and the checks move from the countryside to the big smoke as the jumpsuit goes from there. workshop in the street.

Above all, he says, these photos are of people who stand out and, through what they wear and how they wear it, reveal something about their attitude and personality.

When asked if he thinks Australian men have a unique approach to fashion, Santamaria said: “The growth in menswear has been greatest in Australia, more than in any other city I am in. go.

“Naturally, the Australian uniform was once a tank top, shorts and flip flops, but with the internet drawing inspiration from various pockets around the world, we’ve seen how Italians dress during the summer months, or how Los Angeles men dress in a climate similar to ours, there’s more than we knew before, and with more knowledge, you get some really nice street looks.

“But if I were to refine a look common on the streets these days, it usually includes RM Williams and a pair of jeans.”

The men in this city: a decade of street style for men, by Giuseppe Santamaria, is now available from Smith Street Books, $ 60.00. Buy a copy here.

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