St. Louisan JD Gabbard makes shoes for a lifetime | Style


To what extent, if any, has our socio-economic landscape of planned obsolescence contributed to your decision?

Photo courtesy of KREOSOTE

“Why have so many people taken the easy way out and why is this market so gullible? … Was it because we had become accustomed to a powerful “fast fashion” industry, tolerable to heavy discharges that perhaps allow a throwaway culture to flourish? Or maybe it’s because quality has taken a back seat for so long that people have forgotten what it was like to keep an item of clothing or a pair of shoes in which they had lived long enough for it to be. sense – and that meaning meant something unique to them and was passed on to the next generation to be admired, repaired and worn again. …

“This giant misunderstanding did not translate well to me. Patrimony was important and required no distractions. It was the relationship I shared with my family, my grandparents, my uncles, my aunts. It was the dinner conversation of a lifetime of good and bad journeys, success and failure. It did not need any explanation, but to be remembered and implemented in my constructions, my photography, my work and shared with my clients.

What advances have you made in your art, your perspectives, or both, in recent years?

“KREOSOTE is a brand that uses the combination of modern / traditional heritage designs. It represents definitive direction that is recognized, unreferenced, offering my clients the ability to create items with personal options – making MYG HANDMADE boots collectors’ items and the KREOSOTE waitlist more defined.

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