Sony FX30 leaks, rumors and what we want to see

Sony is known to be one of the largest film camera producers, supplying cameras to Hollywood, agencies and solo filmmakers. It’s already produced fan favorites including the compact but powerful Sony FX3 – and now it looks like a more affordable version of that camera might be on the way.

If you’re a filmmaker who cost the Sony FX3 $3,899 / £4,200 at launch, this could be pretty good news. The FX3 is a compact full-frame cinema camera that combines Sony’s Alpha-series construction with the advanced video features of its cinema line.

This compact solution provided an entry-level gateway to Sony-produced cinema cameras, while remaining familiar to mirrorless Alpha fans. It’s based on the Sony A7S III, one of the best camcorders you can buy, but it’s still more of a pure camcorder than this E-mount favourite.

Since the release of the Sony FX3, it has proven popular among solo filmmakers and seasoned industry professionals looking for a small but powerful B-cam. Now, a year after its release, rumors are swirling with Sony Alpha Rumors (opens in a new tab) indicating that a new APS-C version of the cinema camera is on the way in the form of the FX30. But what video treats will it bring? Here’s everything we know so far, plus a wish list of the kinds of specs we’d like to see.

Sony FX30 release date and price

It looks like we may now have an exact release date for the Sony FX30. The generally reliable Sony Alpha Rumors (opens in a new tab) is fairly confident that the camera will launch on September 28, although this may vary by time zone.

If so, the camera would land just over 18 months after the arrival of the Sony FX3, which arrived in February 2021. The FX30 would also be Sony’s first new mirrorless camera of the year, its last ad being the Sony A7 IV. back in October 2021.


(Photo credit: Sony)

There haven’t been any major leaks or rumors about the possible price of the FX30 yet, but we can make some educated guesses. The closest cameras to this rumored new model are the Sony A7S III ($3,499 / £3,800 / AU$5,999 at launch) and the FX3, which cost $3,899 / £4,200 (around AU$7,485). $) when it landed last year.

Both of these cameras are full-frame models. If the FX30 has a smaller APS-C sensor, then it seems more likely to cost around $2,500, a figure that also appeared in an earlier leak from Sony Alpha Rumors (opens in a new tab). It’s still expensive for an APS-C camera, but it could be justified if the FX30 retains most of the features of the FX3…

Sony FX30 rumors and what we want to see

Sony Alpha Rumors (opens in a new tab) claimed on September 12 that he had seen the Sony FX30 and that it looked like the Sony FX3. However, the list of supposed camera specs has already changed twice, so we’re taking the information leaked so far with a pinch of salt.

It was originally thought that the Sony FX30 would have a full frame sensor. But it now seems very likely that the FX30 will feature an APS-C sensor instead, while retaining the same compact form factor as the FX3.


(Photo credit: Sony)

One of the most interesting specs rumored for the FX30 is that it could have had the same 26MP APS-C sensor as the Fujifilm X-H2S, a camera that brings some truly impressive video powers, including video 6.2K ‘open door’ (which comes from the full sensor 3:2 size) and the ability to shoot 4K/120p video, but with a 1.29x crop.

Sony Alpha Rumors claims the FX30 will be capable of shooting 4K/120p video, but offers no further details on whether or not that will come with cropping. In fact, for now, that’s about it for the rumored specs of Sony’s next cinema camera. But that doesn’t mean we can’t fill in the massive gaps with our own wishlist…

Sony FX30: what we’d like to see

1. Open door check-in
If the rumored specs are to be believed and the Sony FX30 will share the same sensor as the Fujifilm X-H2S, then we’d like to see 6.2K ‘open gate’ video recording, where you can record the entire sensor in a 3:2 ratio.

2. Native Dual ISO
Prosumer mirrorless cameras capable of capturing stills and video often have a linear ISO range where image quality introduces digital noise and color cast when upscaling.

Video cameras can feature dual ISO which allows the cinematographer to set a lower ISO rating when shooting outdoors and then switch to another ISO range suitable for low light conditions. This allows you to capture images with optimal performance, whatever the conditions. We would like to see this Dual-ISO on the FX30 set to ISO 800 and 4000.


(Photo credit: Sony)

3. CFexpress Type B + SDXC Cards
The Sony FX3 offered CFexpress Type A cards, as well as SDXC cards for fast transfer rates. But as technology evolves at an ever-changing pace, it would be good to see CFexpress Type B introduced to offer great read and write speeds and enable higher resolution recording, such as 6.2K “open-gate”.

4. High frame rate slow motion
Even though the FX3 was capable of recording 4K at 120fps, it would be a real bonus if the FX30 came with a 240fps (or even 480fps) mode at a lower resolution, to give us even more slow motion. choice and versatility.

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