Send your projects to Domus via our new dedicated page!

Here are the most common mistakes seen over the years.

1. Projects must be recent (completed within the last year) and possibly unpublished. Any embargo must be communicated quickly.

2. The material you send should be free of agreements and constraints, and usable on the web. It will be up to us to indicate the credits you provide.

3. Don’t send us a WeTransfer link with a short delay: if you don’t have a subscription anymore, other free download platforms like Dropbox or Google Drive – or others you prefer – will be just as good.

4. Photographic material must be of high quality: Images are essential to us, and we expect professional photographic services, ready-to-use photographs that do not require retouching, no watermark and a base of at least 2000 px.

5. Few sub-folders help us, too many limit us. The main ones indicated on the download form are more than enough: Photos, Texts, Drawings, Videos.

6. Images should be sent in .jpg, .png, .gif and .pdf formats. So please do not send us technical formats like .dwg, .php, .id, .ai, .svg, .eps and the like.

7. Technical drawings must be clear and legible: pay attention to line thicknesses! In this case, the .jpg and .pdf formats will work.

8. Remember to include the correct and complete project credits: project name, designer name, project team members, clients, contractors, location, year of completion, area, photographer’s name and all that. that you think is correct. If there are two or more photographers, it is very useful to divide the photos into renamed folders with the name of each.

9. Don’t expect the draft to be published automatically – the editorial staff will carefully review it and evaluate it for possible publication on the site. Domusweb does not publish the texts you provide directly, but each article is written by an expert contributor.

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