See the Shades of Hyderabad in These 7 Street Photography Spots

Vintage markets, royal landmarks and vibrant art districts – the city of pearls’ versatility makes for intriguing snapshots. If you love street photography, we have compiled a list of the best places to go in Hyderabad.

An unmistakable spirit of yesteryear, laid-back lifestyle and mouth-watering traditional cuisine (haleem, anyone?) underscores Hyderabad. This gives the city a certain charm that few other places in the country can claim. You could spend hours hopping from its modern breweries to period landmarks, exploring everything the guidebooks list in elaborate itineraries.

However, if you are looking for something a little more personal and atypical, we have compiled a list of the best street photography spots in Hyderabad. Head to them to familiarize yourself with and capture the myriad moods that underscore each lane and location here. From tourist destinations to local favorites, this will ensure that your visit to the city will be unforgettable.

Best Street Photography Spots in Hyderabad


We start this list with, perhaps, the city’s most iconic destination. Over 400 years old, the Four Towers Monument is a must visit, not only for its architectural beauty, but also for the market, mosques and restaurants that surround it. Not to mention, there is a flurry of activity around him every day, which continues late into the night. Locals go there to buy a host of things, including bracelets, shoes, traditional perfume (attar), metal shoulder bags and more! Walk further and you might come across a few colorful houses that are worth capturing.

You’ll also find plenty of people over a meal at the many Iranian restaurants here. Expect to drown in a sea of ​​people come evening, and prepare to capture starry-eyed tourists, bargain cases and heartwarming laughter over cups of chai. At night you can experiment with light photography or explore all the little ice cream shops that line the area. For the most exciting shots, head here during Eid or Ramzan. That aside, there’s no better place than the Old City to explore the royal lineage (Nizami) of Hyderabad.

Maqta Art District

Few tourists have explored this part of Hyderabad, although locals rave about it to anyone who listens. And for good reason! A quaint street in Khairatabad, this spot features colorful murals that spring from the narrow lanes and splash the towering buildings. These magical spaces are courtesy of India’s largest street art foundation, St+Art India, which turns parts of different cities into works of art.

Vibrant and thriving, this place provides the most exciting canvas for your street photography stories. You’ll find plenty of influencers in their next viral snap, kids playing cricket and other explorers visiting this part of town. Walk past the entrance, marked by black and white signage, and explore the celebration of colors that greets you – from the green walls to the blue square. You are bound to be delighted by the gain.

Gudimalkapur Flower Market

Every street photographer’s delight, a flower market is a perfect space to capture the rush of street animals and cows, the dew that settles on the petals and the myriad of emotions that sparkle on the faces of the locals and vendors when they come across a bargain. This one in particular offers all of that and more.

The market features every possible flower – from roses to daisies – imaginable for sale, with some vendors carrying them up to 50 kilometers away. These then proceed to mosques, temples, funerals and other places in the city. Stick around to capture vendors refreshing their wares with water and stringing together multiple flowers to make garlands. And to really amp up the energy of your shots, head here on occasions like Diwali, Christmas or Valentine’s Day when the crowds are at their heaviest.

Bazaar of Jumerat

Right next to the Flower Festival is this flea market that has been around for over 80 years and opens every Thursday like clockwork. At dawn, the streets of the area between the Muslim Jung Bridge and the Purana Bridge (purana pul) are teeming with hawkers and vendors selling everything from safety pins to bicycles.

Capture those being sold and set up for purchase, explore the alleys for trinkets and interesting stories, and find time to interact with vendors (and a few customers), many of whom come from different parts of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh to settle.

Road Necklace

Another popular spot in Hyderabad, street photography here would involve capturing locals perched on park benches, lounging in restaurants, and walking hand-in-hand along Hussain Sagar Lake. Many also pass by this spot for their morning jog, plan picnics around the parks here, or descend for ice cream by the waters late at night. Balloon vendors and street stalls are also a common feature here.

This is where Hyderabad’s more metropolitan energy resides, despite an unmistakable nostalgic charm attached to the place. You can walk around the parks through NTR Gardens, Lumbini Park and Sanjeevaiah Park or capture vendors spending their day, closer to the lake. At night, the shimmering skyline with the silhouettes of buildings in the distance is worth capturing.

The same goes for people who enjoy the boat rides, the illuminated Buddha statue and the flurry of people returning after a long day. Once you’ve had enough, you can take to the streets to get up close to the food served in snack-sized portions and capture every detail. Stick around for sunset if you get there early, it’s one of the best spots for that in the city.


This arts and crafts village of Madhapur is frequented by locals for handicrafts, jewelry, sarees, quaint bowls and other unique trinkets. It was first created to preserve traditional craftsmanship and now hosts a series of festivals and other events throughout the year. Head here for a vibrant backdrop for your snaps as you capture people shopping or haggling over wooden horses and terracotta mugs. Some people even stop by to get their fortunes told or have their hands tattooed with henna. And with a small entrance fee, there’s no reason not to take a little stroll around this place. Head here on a busy weekend to find more intriguing subjects.

Monda Market

Rounding out this list is another thriving market, this time with mostly fruit and vegetables on display. Crowds of locals flock there for fresh produce and bargains, especially palm fruits and water chestnuts. And as you experience its bustle, you’ll discover plenty to capture, from the fruit itself to the energy of the vendors. Walk a little further and you will find many perfumeries also selling scented essence in colored glass bottles. Not to mention that the surrounding lanes are home to old world houses that date back 80 years and are colorful and full of character. Head here early in the morning to watch the light play along the pile of potatoes and tomatoes.

Featured and hero image: Courtesy of @nanifangirl/Instagram

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