Saoirse Ronan and Sam Rockwell in the first pic of SEE HOW THEY RUN


Searchlight Pictures today announced the cast and crew for the recently completed feature film production SEE HOW ILS RUN, directed by BAFTA-winning director Tom George (This Country) and producers Damian Jones and Gina Carter , based on an original screenplay by Mark Chappell. Shot in historic London locations earlier this year including the Dominion Theater on Tottenham Court Road, St. Martin’s Theater in the West End and the Old Vic Theater in Waterloo,

SEE HOW THEY RUN stars Sam Rockwell, Saoirse Ronan, Adrien Brody and David Oyelowo as part of an acclaimed set of stage and screen talent.

SEE HOW THEY RUN will debut in theaters in 2022.

In 1950s London’s West End, plans for a film version of a hit play come to a screeching halt after the murder of a key crew member. When world-weary Inspector Stoppard (Sam Rockwell) and enthusiastic rookie agent (Saoirse Ronan) deal with the case, the two find themselves thrown into a confusing thriller within the glamorous and sordid underground theater, investigating the mysterious homicide at their peril.

“We’ve been in love with Tom George and his work with the BBC for years,” said Katie Goodson-Thomas and DanTram Nguyen, film production managers for Searchlight. “His talent for bringing stellar performances from an ensemble made up of multiple genres made him the perfect choice to lead the talented team of See how they work. We are happy to welcome several members of the Searchlight family to the fold like Saoirse, Sam, Adrien and David for this entertaining thriller.

“Making my first feature film with a company like Searchlight and this amazing cast was a total dream,” said George. “I am so excited to bring this exciting, smart and funny murder mystery to the public. Do it with the company behind ensemble films as brilliant as Bunny Jojo, Bird man and The Grand Hotel Budapest really was the perfect fit.

  • Oscar winner Sam rockwell (Bunny Jojo; Three billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri) like Inspector Stoppard, a seasoned civil servant who thinks he has seen it all … until now
  • Oscar nominee Saoirse Ronan (Little woman; Brooklyn) like Stable Stalker, the tirelessly ambitious recruit on the case
  • Oscar winner Adrien brody (The French Dispatch; The pianist), like Leo Köpernick, an unscrupulous director with a flair for drama
  • Nominated for Golden Globes and BAFTAs David Oyelowo (Selma; the butler) like Mervyn Cocker Norris, famous writer, in charge of adapting the successful play into a film
  • Golden Globe and BAFTA winner Ruth wilson (Its dark materials; The case) like Petula spencer, a West End impresario avid for her lead role
  • BAFTA winner Reece shearsmith (high rise; Inside n ° 9) like John woolf, the esteemed film producer who seeks to turn some magic into adapting a popular play to the film
  • Emmy nominated and BAFTA winnerSian clifford (Good mourning; Chip bag) like Edana Romney, Woolf’s wife
  • BAFTA winner Shirley henderson (Stan and Ollie; Southcliffe) as a Lady known to all by name alone
  • BAFTA winner Charlie cooper (This country; Avenue 5) like Dennis the bailiff, who witnesses more than a reminder
  • Jacob Fortune Lloyd (The Queen’s Gambit) like Gio, the incredibly handsome taxidermist hiding a secret lover
  • Theater actor nominated by Tony and OlivierPaul Chahidi (This country; “Twelfth Night”) like Fellowes, a butler working for the Lady
  • Pearl Chanda (War of the Worlds; I can destroy you) like Sheila sim, a famous actress of the play hoping to make the jump to the cinema
  • Harris dickinson (Beach Rats; county Lines) like Dickie Attenborough, Sheila’s suspicious husband
  • Pippa Bennett Warner (London gangs; Prostitutes) like Anne Saville, assistant and mistress of Woolf

SEE HOW THEY WORK is produced by Damien jones (The Iron Woman), following previous Searchlight collaborations such as Absolutely fabulous: the film, Beautiful, and Goodbye Christophe Robin. Gina Carter (Young bright things) also produces. The film features an original screenplay by a renowned writer Marc Chappell (BBC A young doctor Notebook; by netflix in flakes) and an impressive list of craftsmen including the publisher Pierre Lambert (David Copperfield’s personal story), Director of Photography Jamie ramsay (Mothers Day), production designer Amanda mcarthur (How to build a girl), costume designer Odile Dicks-Mireaux (Brooklyn), the hairdresser and makeup artist is Nadia stacey (The favourite), and production sound mixer Martin beresford (Misbehavior).

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