Royal Enfield #ArtOfMotorcycling is back, this time offering a bigger canvas for all


Royal Enfield, the oldest motorcycle brand in the world in continuous production, today announced the start of the second season of

Motorcycle Art,

the brand’s flagship creative campaign was designed to fuel the creativity of artists, designers and motorcycle enthusiasts by giving them the opportunity to express their love for the “motorcycle lifestyle”.
For this season, Royal Enfield has teamed up with three renowned experts from different creative fields to judge and coach the participants –

The great fashion designers Shantanu and Nikhil


Renowned illustrator Vimal Chandran and Ace Photographer Bobby Joshi

. Compared to last year, this year the winners will also have access to exciting learning and collaboration opportunities at Royal Enfield, in addition to having their creations showcased on Royal Enfield products. The first 3 winners will have the chance to collaborate with Royal Enfield to co-create their own range of capsules under the mentorship of the members of the jury. The next two winners will get an internship opportunity with the Royal Enfield design team. The following 15 models arrive in the Royal Enfield “Make It Yours” configurator. With the aim of providing exciting learning opportunities and an inclusive creative platform, Royal Enfield will also host master classes for each of the jury members throughout the campaign. These master classes will be accessible to all and hosted on the Royal Enfield website and social media, details of which will be revealed shortly.
Speaking of the countryside,

Mr. Puneet Sood, Head of Clothing Trade, Royal Enfield


“Through the Art Of Motorcycling campaign, Royal Enfield aims to provide a unique platform for designers, artists, illustrators and motorcycle enthusiasts to exemplify their love for motorcycling and share stories from their travels with the world in creative ways. We are extremely touched by the response we received for last season and intend to take #ArtOfMotorcycling Season 2 one step further, to inspire, mentor and encourage enthusiasts across the country. This season, we are delighted to have three creative maestros from different genres, design, photography and art to mentor participants and provide a unique learning experience.

Driven by the theme of self-expression, the campaign aims to inspire the community to participate and contribute, but also to be part of the artistic evolution of the brand. To participate this season, enthusiasts can go to the


on the Royal Enfield website to register and download the toolkit. Participants can then create their own unique design and share it on Instagram, tagging @royalenfield and @royalenfieldlifestyle and using


# Coatings

The final season of ‘Art of Motorcycling’ received a remarkable reception and brought together a diverse audience from different cities as well as the Royal Enfield community – ranging from bikers and aspiring aspirants to artists, illustrators and graphic designers under one umbrella. Season 1 received a total of over 10,000 registrations. Of all entries, 62% were not Royal Enfield owners and the rest of the 38% were owners. There have been a total of over 5k + posts on #ArtofMotorcycling. After reviewing all the entries, the jury finalized the creations of Pallab Baruah, Karan Verma, Chetan Patil, Manvendra Singh and Niharika Shrivastava. Royal Enfield has launched a range of t-shirts where the designs of the winners have been used. Niharika’s artwork was chosen via a poll taken on the Royal Enfield Instagram page where her design was chosen as Riders Choice Design, she had the opportunity to do an internship with the Royal Enfield design team. On top of that, the Royal Enfield 2021 calendar also featured their unique creations.

Quotes from jury members

Commenting on the occasion, renowned designers Shantanu Mehra and Nikhil mehra said, “The creative flow is a natural process. Designs should come naturally to you with a sense of ease. They should be the purest form of your subconscious beliefs, and for that, introspection is paramount. Do things that make you feel rushed and bring you closer to yourself. Art and vulnerability often merge to create something powerful, so keep that depth. Rarely do people find this solace in doing the most mundane things. For us, riding our Royal Enfield bikes while traveling allows us to broaden the horizon and think deeper. This is a wonderful opportunity that Royal Enfield created through The Art of Motorcycling. Bikers and auto enthusiasts aspire to live by proxy, and we hope this platform gives them carte blanche to do so.

Renowned illustrator, Vimal Chandran says-

“The basic idea of ​​all art is storytelling and you get inspiration from everything and everything around you. I take inspiration from everything: music, poetry, movies, random conversations basically everything I see around me. What matters most to an artist is how you create a representation of your own experience and weave it into art. Royal Enfield, with all of its heritage and legacy, has been a pioneer in design and known for delivering an exceptional experience. Motorcycle art will be a great opportunity for auto enthusiasts to invoke the artist in them and let their imaginations run wild. I am happy to be a part of this search for “the motorcycle artist” and look forward to seeing how our participants will present their experiences through their art. “

Bobby Joshi – Founder, Mentor and Photographer at GoodShotz Photography Pvt. Ltd.

. said, “I am a curious soul. This curiosity fuels my sense of adventure. Even when I sleep, I dream of traveling to new places. Exploring, creating, conceptualizing is an integral part of everything I do. Meaningful purpose, a sense of expression, in all things beautiful. I find a strong resonance and connection to the same values ​​and beliefs at Royal Enfield. Royal Enfield has been a pioneer in design principles that provide exceptional experiences for automotive enthusiasts by invoking artists and connoisseurs in them. I am delighted to be a part of this search for “motorcycle artists” and look forward to great creative thoughts and expressions in the form of the art that they create.”

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