Revit BIM Integrated A36O Rendering – The Path to Architectural Visualization

3D architectural visualization with BIM rendering and A-360



BIM detail level - 100 to 500

BIM detail level – 100 to 500

Architectural 3D rendering

Architectural 3D rendering

Benefits of Commercial Architectural Design Services

Benefits of Commercial Architectural Design Services

Tejjy Inc. uses Revit BIM modeling and A-360 rendering for architectural visualization

Our company’s BIM engineers create the building structure at the pre-construction stage with Revit BIM services and a 360 rendering software application.”

— Soukh Singh

WASHINGTON DC, MARYLAND, USA, April 13, 2022 / — Building Information Modeling is found to be the foundation of digital transformation in the architecture, engineering and construction industry. construction. Compelling renderings are important for successful design and conceptualization. Using Revit BIM integrated with A360 rendering, architectural visualization enables impressive photorealistic rendering, from basic layout to material usage, lighting and environmental effects. Around 60% of architects say BIM is used for more than half of their projects, and this will increase to 89% by 2024.

Tejjy Inc. – one of the proficient BIM service providers in USA also adopts this operation technique to facilitate architecture, engineering and construction professionals in exterior rendering, 3D plan and interior rendering. By combining Autodesk Revit and A360 Rendering software applications, stunning, high-quality visualizations are produced from building design and modeling. Tejjy BIM MEP engineers navigate an interactive panorama of building designs, allowing clients to browse the property on the web.

Sukh Singh, Vice President of Tejjy Inc., said, “Our company’s BIM engineers create the building structure at the pre-construction stage with Revit BIM services and A 360 Rendering software application. Our BIM consultants outline a existing project under construction as well as a building in the planning stage.From concept development stage to final construction, we integrate BIM architectural modeling services with Revit and A360 design to enable real estate development.

Revit BIM – Integrates architectural design, engineering and MEP model

Revit is one of the software applications for creating a BIM-based model. Combining architectural design, structural engineering design and MEP models, Revit BIM software helps designers, builders and project managers streamline documentation, using specialist tools in a unified BIM environment through modeling 3D, 4D construction planning, 5D cost estimation, 6D and 7D sustainability. facility management.

Benefits of Revit modeling with A360 rendering:

• Accessibility on software platforms such as Android, IOS and Windows
• 360 degree visualization of project deliverables on site
• Improved viewing with zoom in, zoom out, pause and play 360 content

A360 Rendering – A Central Workspace in the Cloud:

A 360 render provides a central workspace in the cloud for project content and the people working on it. The software offers the best method for customers to take a look at the project as if they were walking. Immersive technology is a game-changer with audio-visual simulation and augmented reality while viewing the property from the inside and gathering contextual information. AEC clients or prospects familiarize themselves with every corner of the property and specialize in assembling panoramic images to create a visit with personalized navigation.

Advantages of A360 rendering:

• Guided tour without leaving your home
• Does not require any specific knowledge to understand the space
• Enables customers to grasp reality

How does Tejjy Inc. define rendering categories?

• Intent – Before rendering work begins from a technical perspective, BIM engineers think about the intent of the product and the elements.

• Model Creation — The experienced Revit MEP BIM consultants at Tejjy Inc. know that for a good rendering, it is important to have a good model. A well-thought-out design contains adequate details and components that are easy to display, highlight, and explain visually.

• Composition — The best way to conceive rendering is digitally generated photography. All the principles that apply to how viewers read and react to a photograph also apply to a rendering, encompassing values ​​for framing, lighting, composition, and more.

• Rendering — The balance is needed between whether the image is effective as a visual communication tool and how the tools are used in a rendering environment.

A 3D BIM Modeler from Tejjy Inc. mentioned – “We offer marketing presentations with Revit and A360 rendering services to capture the imagination of visitors and give a realistic impression of the building layout. AEC including city planners, architects, construction companies and home buyers take advantage of our 3D models for architectural visualization.

Revit BIM Architecture and A360 Rendering – A Game Changer for Property:

Interactive 3D BIM modeling and A360 rendering and video walkthrough influence the model to test the consequences of changes before construction. Using the techniques, BIM modelers reduce rework, increase safety, lower labor costs, meet project deadlines, resolve construction issues, and improve project delivery. To learn more about 3D architectural modeling and rendering, contact Tejjy Inc. BIM architecture engineering and Revit MEP Modeling firm in the United States at 202-465-4830 or [email protected]

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