Release Date, Cast, Trailer, and Everything We Know So Far

After the recent release of his new album and Olivia Wildethe upcoming thriller, don’t worry darling, Harry Styles is set to appear in the lead role of the new British romantic drama, my policeman.

The plot follows Tom, a gay policeman in 1950s Brighton who marries a schoolteacher, Marion, while simultaneously being in a relationship with a museum curator, Patrick. Their secrets are menacing and can ruin the lives of everyone involved.

The period film is based on the eponymous novel by Bethan Robert published in 2012 and staged by the director, Michel Grandage. The screenplay comes from the Oscar-nominated American screenwriter Ron Nyswaner who wrote the 1993 film philadelphia creamwhile Greg Berlanti, Philip Herd, Cora Palfrey, Robbie Rogersand Sarah Schecher serve as producers.


In addition to styles, my policeman also stars Ripper Streetit is David Dawson and Emma Corrin of The crown fame, in the other main roles.

Ahead of the film’s October release, find out everything we know so far about my policeman. From the plot to the cast and characters, including the trailer, you will find all the details in the following guide.

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What is the release date of my detective?

my policeman is an Amazon Original Movie, which is getting both a theatrical and digital release. The film premieres for a limited theatrical release on October 21, 2022, followed by a streaming release on Amazon Prime Video on November 4, 2022.

Amazon Studios released the official trailer for the romantic drama on June 15, 2022. From what the trailer reveals, it seems my policeman will be an emotional roller coaster for the three main protagonists.

The clip opens with Tom and Patrick in the museum looking at a painting of a stormy ocean and Tom being asked by the curator about his thoughts on the painting. What appears to be his answer also serves as a euphemism for love. The following explanation from Patrick is an analogy of their emotions for each other, forbidden love, and he encourages Tom to let himself be carried away by the waves of these emotions.

The minute-long clip jumps back and forth in time and scenes highlighting the intense moments between Styles’ Tom and Dawson’s Patrick, and how Corrin’s Marion fits into the men’s relationship.

All we can say about the trailer is that my policeman is going to be a heartwarming and perhaps a little heartbreaking story of three people in love in a difficult social landscape.

Who is in the cast of my police officer?

my policeman starring Harry Styles, Emma Corrin, David Dawson, Gina McKee, Linus Roacheand Rupert Everett in major roles. The cast also includes André Tiernan, Kadiff Kirwan, Jack Bandeira, maddie rice, Dora Davis, Tristan Sturrockand many others in various roles.

Who are the confirmed characters in My Policeman?

Find out which characters the cast members are playing in the upcoming romantic drama –

Harry Styles as Tom Burgess – Tom is a gay police officer from Brighton who is in love with a museum curator.

Linus Roache plays the role of older Tom, who probably appears in the latter part of the story.

Emma Corrin as Marion Taylor – Marion is in love with Tom and eventually marries him, despite knowing he is gay and in love with another man.

Gina McKee plays an older version of Marion.

David Dawson as Patrick Hazlewood – Patrick is the museum curator who is in love with Tom. They share a very strong, long-lasting relationship, it seems.

Rupert Everett plays an older version of Patrick.

When is my policeman filming?

Principal photography for my policeman began in April 2021 and filming was carried out in various locations in London, Brighton and Hove.

What is my police officer’s background?

As mentioned earlier, the romance drama of the upcoming period is adapted from an eponymous novel. While the novel and the plot of the film are the same, the original novel would have been inspired by real characters and their life events. The real characters are novelist EM Forster and policeman Robert Buckingham. As described in an article in The Guardian,

“For several decades, EM Forster was embroiled in a love triangle with a policeman and his wife – an unconventional arrangement in which the novelist found happiness.”

The characters of Forster and Buckingham are quite similar to those of Tom and Patrick. And like the novelist and his companion, Tom and Patrick also have a considerable age gap. Even the character of Marion is inspired by Buckingham’s wife, May, who cared for Forster in his later years.

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When is my policeman settled?

The story of my policeman is set in the 1950s and continues for a few decades into the future as there are also mentions of older versions of Tom, Patrick, and Marion. It is possible that the future timeline of the story takes place in the 90s as in the original novel.

What is my policeman’s story?

my policeman is set in the 1950s, at the height of the evolution of social culture, history and politics. Caught in the midst of the changing tides of time, a young policeman, Tom Burgess, falls in love with artistically minded museum curator, Patrick Hazelwood. Enter Marion, a teacher who falls in love with Tom. Considering the times they live in, Tom and Patrick’s love seems impossible, so he marries Marion, but never stops loving Patrick. And so begins a complex and turbulent journey of three young people as each of them navigates social change, emotional turmoil and unfulfilled love.

Even as the story progresses and time passes, the longing and regret they have experienced all their lives continues to envelop the three protagonists.

There is neither mystery nor suspense in the story of my policeman but rather a long and exhausting journey of life to discover. While we know what it is, we have yet to find out how each of the characters lives through their social identities while dealing with their emotions and self-discoveries, and how this upheaval in their lives ultimately comes to fruition. .

From what we understand, my policeman is going to be a moving portrait of love, freedom and forgiveness.

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