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NEW YORK, 22 October 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – “If you’re looking for out-of-the-box sound, Poetica is the one album you should turn to … genre-defying and forward-thinking … an album which promises to invoke fear in those who hear it. “- Wonderland

“magnetic and soothing … cinematic and stylistically expansive” – ​​Parade

“I can’t stop listening to your spoken word album. It’s like proverbs. Pure wisdom. The music is so unique and special, and a totally different spirit than I heard you do, and his production and mixing couldn’t be more creative and story-friendly. ” – Beth hart

Poetica has just released their self-titled debut album via MPress Records, a spoken word music recording designed, produced and engineered by the 6-time Independent Music Award winner Rachel sage. The cross-genre concept album – which was co-composed by Grammy® nominated 3x cellist Dave Eggar – was created in Wonderland. With its roots firmly rooted in experimental genres and pushing boundaries, Poetica fuses poetry with jazz, classical and American musical elements and has been described by Music News UK as “John lee hooker meets Patti smith meets Leonard cohen meets Laurie Anderson“. Stream and order the album HERE.

Cinematographic and stylistically expansive, Poetica is a creative and ambitious musical project that exudes a poetic spirit through text, voice and music. Various contributors to Poetica include the famous clarinetist Klezmer David Krakauer, jazz trumpeter Russ johnson (Elvis Costello), violinist Kelly halloran (Michel franti), multi-instrumentalist Jack petruzzelli (Rufus wainwright), guitarists James mastro (Patti smith) and Gerry Leonard (David Bowie) and drummers Doug Yowell (Suzanne Vega) and Quinn (Janelle Monáe).

Beginning as a locked-in duo collaboration between Sage and his longtime cellist Dave Eggar (Esperanza Spalding, Paul Simon), Poetica quickly became a full-fledged cinematic oral creation album, with Sage producing and designing the project in isolation with limited equipment she had with her during her tour, while also sending files to musicians from across the country. Tennessee To England. Among more than 200 poems written during and before the lockdown, Eggar – whose parents are both poetry teachers – volunteered to help Sage select the 18 oral pieces that ultimately made up the album. The project was mixed by the winner of a Grammy® Andy Zulla (The sweet remains, Stephen kellogg) and mastered by several Grammy®-winning engineers Alan silverman.

Sage clarifies: “The music on Poetica serves each poem just like film music would with scenes from a movie. The objective was to be as pure as possible by supporting the emotion of each piece … This is how the slogan of the project became “music of the fine arts”. Between musical eclecticism and the accompanying art-themed photography, it was a very liberating collaborative creative process! “

Poetica Tour Dates:

23/10 – Charlottesville, Virginia – The garage

26/10 – Knoxville, Tennessee – WDVX Blue Plate Special

28/10 – Nashville, Tennessee – Cabin Faucets

29/10 – Duluth, Georgia – Red clay music foundry

11/9 – New York, New York State – The Loft at City Winery

For more information please contact:

Jill richmond johnson | [email protected] | 212-481-7243

About Poetics

Poetica is a creative and ambitious oral creation musical project distilling a poetic spirit through text, voice and music in the spirit of Leonard cohen, Patti smith and Laurie Anderson. What started as a long distance duo collaboration between Rachel sage and 3x Grammy® nominated Dave Eggar eventually evolved into a full-fledged spoken word concept album, with musicians from around the world contributing to arrangements merging elements of jazz, classical and Appalachian folk. In addition to Eggar, contributors to Poetica include the famous clarinetist Klezmer David Krakauer, Spooky Ghost guitarist (and longtime David Bowie group companion) Gerry Leonard, jazz trumpeter Russ johnson, drummer Quinn (Janelle Monáe) and British rock-blues harmonica Will wilde. Frequent musical partners Kelly halloran (Michel franti), Doug Yowell (Suzanne Vega), Jack petruzzelli (Rufus wainwright), and James mastro (Patti smith) contributed violin, drums and electric guitar respectively. For more information, visit poeticaproject.com.

Media contact

Jill richmond johnson, MPress Records, 2124817243, [email protected]

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