Photographers capture stunning photos at the 2022 Urban Photo Awards (30 photos)

The photographer began his journey in 2017, “I started street photography in 2017 after discovering the works of Fan Ho – Hong Kong’s master street photographer who produced beautiful, poetic images of Hong Kong street scenes. Kong in the 1950s-60s. His evocative black and white photos inspire me deeply. When I started I was only doing snapshot-type street photography. It wasn’t until 2020 that I I started taking photos with strong geometric contexts and developed my photographic style, then suddenly my photo series, “Hong Kong Lines and Patterns” and the well-received image “Social Distancing” emerged.

When it comes to looking for inspiration in other art forms, I always love looking at old master paintings. I love paintings by masters like Caravaggio, Rembrandt and Vermeer. They taught me about the chiaroscuro effect and how to effectively use and edit lights and shadows in my photos.

We also asked Jason to name some of the influences that might have helped him develop his photographic style. “Fan Ho (1931-2016), a master photographer from Hong Kong nicknamed the “Henri Cartier-Bresson of the Orient”, has always been my main influence. His fascinating works introduced me to street photography in 2017. Until now, I am still deeply inspired by his striking images, full of geometry, lights and shadows. I would say that Fan Ho strongly influences my style of photography, but I have been working on developing my own “visual signature”.

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