Photo Epic: Slopestyle – Crankworx BC 2021


Diamond-level slopestyle returns, after a one-summer hiatus, to the magnificent Title slopestyle course in Silver Star, BC.

Griffin Paulson, the only Canadian on the map, launched a heat run to start the day. Filled with double flips, 3 double whips and a flat front flip, the Canadian made his mark in the FMB World Tour. Dawid Godziek followed narrowly and placed 3rd for the day with moves like a cash roll bar spin, twister and forward roll bar to get no hander in. Fedko also performed so many insane moves today like a 3 bar whip bar and 3 bar wiper his second time he landed it on dirt.

The man of the hour, winning his 5th consecutive slopestyle at Crankworx and placing him in first position to win the Triple Crown, was Emil Johansson who crushed the competition. Emil threw him some firsts like a switch 3 dub whip and a truck for double down whip.

It’s all in the details

The construction of this course played a decisive role in the progression of slopestyle. I hope the guys who are at the highest level in Slopestyle are the ones who design the courses. This should be the only way to develop the courses. Otherwise, the best interests of the sport are not taken into account. So let’s build them.Brett Rheeder

Griffin Paulson didn’t quite pull off his second double flip tuck no hander. He is still delighted.

Fedko conceded Emil in the second set and the two practiced all the way down on their winning lap.

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