Smartphones are part of our lives. There are applications that help us in all aspects of our routine: from online shopping to reminding us of the expiration date of our food. Now the apps arrive to request fast loans. They are formats available both in the App Store and Google play that will help us get the funding we need from anywhere. They are simple formats that not only let us access quick loans but also notify us once the transfer is made and will help us keep track of the credit status, when and how much we have to pay back.

Quick loans through mobile

There are many quick loans that we can request via mobile, a call, an SMS or even WhatsApp have become a means to get funding. Quick credits like PepeDinero, with which we can get up to € 500, will send us a confirmation SMS or WhatsApp if we do not have an e-mail.

We present the quick loans that we can request through their mobile applications that we can download if we have a smartphone with iOS or Android:

OkMoney: with this quick credit we can request up to € 600 both through your website, your mobile application or by calling your phone. € 100 to 30 days costs € 30. You can also extend the return period up to 30 more days.

Créditomovil : offers up to € 700 of financing (€ 300 if this is the first time we have requested a loan with them) and for each friend who asks for a loan of less than € 100 and returns it on time, they will give us € 25 for our next loan , so you can get us out for free.

Krédito24: it is one of the quick loans that give more money, up to € 750 ( € 500 if we are new customers) and now if we request the credit and we take a friend they will give us € 25 each if the application is approved.

Loan10: we can get up to € 500 through your app (€ 300 if we are new customers). It also allows us to request the loan through an SMS and it is possible to request weekends during customer service hours.

The advantages of requesting fast credits online

Requesting fast instant personal loans through the internet is a quick and easy way to get the financing we need and that we can get in minutes.

These are the main advantages of requesting a quick credit through your app:

  • It will save the data for future requests
  • We can make the request anywhere
  • No previous appointments or displacements are necessary
  • Its use is very easy
  • They usually have promotions and discounts for requesting them from their app
  • Everything is done digitally, without uncomfortable paperwork
  • Full control of the status of our credit
  • Notices about when and how much we have to return.
  • If we have our current account in the same bank where the entity operates, we can enjoy the money in our account in minutes.