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Agata Popęda here, with something to consider this weekend. We realize at Weekly that fall 2022 seems more eventful than alreadybut one world class photo conference open to the public and free still sounds like an absolute bargain. This year, the two-day B&H OPTIC conference traveled from New York to Monterey to OPTIC West Edition. The event starts on Sunday and continues through Monday; even though it’s free, registration is mandatory.

Highlights include two local presentations: One of Kim and Zach Weston, from one of the most recognized families in modern photography, and one by world renowned photographer Frans Lanting. The Westons and Lanting will all share how their work has been shaped by the Monterey County region. They could assist you (at no cost) in your own efforts to capture the beauty of “one of the world’s premier photo destinations: Monterey, California”, with your smartphone, and teach you about the region’s glorious natural and photographic history. .

Zach Weston is a fourth generation member of the artist family which includes his great-grandfather Edward Weston, great-uncle Brett Weston, grandfather Cole Weston and father, Kim Weston. The latter will join him in a presentation called “Generations of Westons – Beyond Legacy” at 4 p.m. on Sunday, November 6.

“It’s always fun working with my dad” Zach Weston says, “It doesn’t matter if it’s doing this presentation or in the darkroom. I am honored to be part of this conference. It’s a big deal and a lot of fun.

The Westons will share the secrets of craftsmanship documented by four generations of photographers, reviewing how each of them developed their unique style and ending with the mission of the Weston Collective, a non-profit family organization that encourages photography in the community through workshops and more. Kim Weston will also talk about her upcoming book.

OPTIC West is particularly aimed at lovers of animal, travel and landscape genres. To that end, keynote speaker Frans Lanting, photographer, author and National Geographic lecturer, will open the conference at 10 a.m. on Sunday, November 6. presenting his latest book and project: Bay of life, of the wind to the whales, which he co-created with his wife Chris Eckstrom.

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“This project, bay of lifeis a tribute to all the wonderful people who have lived and worked here,says Lanting. “And we have this unique history in Monterey Bay of artists and activists working together for the greater good. Ansel Adams was an activist in his day.

The book and project explore the wonders of one of Earth’s natural crown jewels: Monterey Bay, a biodiversity hotspot in North America. “We are now collaborating with other activists, scientists and community organizations, who are taking action to heal Monterey Bay, as trouble looms on the horizon,” Lanting said. “There is climate change, there is population growth, there are fires. It’s going to take a concerted effort for all of us to work to preserve the quality of life here. »

It’s a vision that goes far beyond capturing images in photos. B&H is a photo and video equipment retailer founded in 1973 in New York. B&H OPTIC started in 2015 as a symposium for great photographers, the tools they use, and the people who create those tools. The conference typically includes presentations by guest speakers, portfolio reviews, and attracts equipment manufacturers. OPTIC West will feature two days of presentations, a trade show, photo reviews and contests, and a mini whale watching photo expedition. (For those unable to join the Monterey Conference Center, live streaming options will be available.)

Nature photography can be action photography or a study of patience. Both skills are needed to deal with living environments, and switching gears is inevitable. This talk invites you to learn the techniques that make this change possible, and all the technical tricks that make local photographers excel at both.

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