Meirav Harel: “We are the publishers. We are the actors, we are the players”

In a conversation with Noa Eshed and Ronen Menipaz on the Real Life Superpowers podcast, Meirav Harel discusses the power of setting goals and getting out of your comfort zone

“When you shoot a movie, there are a lot of scenes that don’t make it into the final movie,” Meirav Harel explained on the real life superpowers podcast. “Like in your life, you kind of choose what moves the plot forward. What’s the next thing I need to put in place right now that will move this plot forward. We’re the editors. We’re the actors, we’re the players. We’re the directors. We’re the whole thing. Right?”

With over 20 years of experience in finance, technology and creating award-winning fintech innovations, Meirav Harel is a globally recognized expert on technology, blockchain, digital disruption, the future of finance and investment and trade interfaces.

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Meirav Podcast

Meirav Harel

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She was named “one of the 100 most inspiring women in Blockchain”, by Cryptonewspoint, 1 of 36 “top women Revolutionizing Crypto around the world” by TechRoundUK, and twice listed on the “Women in Fintech Powerlist” by Innovate. UK finance.

She lectures, consults, provides management services and in-depth research to leading international financial, regulatory and academic institutions around the world, is an Ambassador for the European Women in Payments Network (EWPN), former Head of Innovation Technologies strategy at BDO, And the list goes on.

  • Leaving a stable job, even if it is valued and appreciated, to do something for yourself. “Am I able to challenge myself and build what I see in my vision of what I can bring to the world, on a larger scale?

  • The power to set goals and get out of your comfort zone

  • What it takes to be an entrepreneur

  • The difference between failing and being a failure

  • The almost infinite potential that lies in combining different disciplines with technology

  • Why everyone should learn to code

  • The evolution and future of money

  • How to Navigate Mentally and Emotionally When Things Get Tough on a Personal Level

  • How the people you surround yourself with impact your performance and what traits Meirav looks for in people around him

  • And more!

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Real-Life Superpowers Podcast by Noa RonenReal-Life Superpowers Podcast by Noa Ronen

Ronen Menipaz and Noa Eshed

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Noa Eshed: recognized as a thought leader by the Daily Telegraph. His book “The Smart Marketer’s Guide to Google Adwords” was an Amazon #1 bestseller. His digital marketing agency Bold Digital Architects has won multiple industry awards. She previously co-founded and distributed Israel’s only national magazine for students, and is a certified lawyer (Hebrew U grad) and journalist.

Ronen Menipaz: an Israeli investor, entrepreneur, technology advisor and founder of numerous business ventures in entertainment, adtech and fintech. In his 25 years of entrepreneurial experience, Ronen has been involved in over 100 startups in Israel, 30 of which he founded or co-founded. Two of these startups have gone public, while five have been sold and four others are currently profitable private companies.

First published: 14:48, 01.08.22

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