May 28: Various opinions on firing uninfected city workers, bring photo radar and other letters

Photographic radars

If photo radar is what it takes to slow down those irresponsible idiots on our roads, I say go for it. Enough with these guys from NASCAR that endanger life and physical integrity. Other lawsuits are pending now.

Hurry up

Mother Earth sent yet another disturbing message last weekend that all is not well with her. The devastating storm that has hit parts of Ontario causing death and destruction is another sign of global warming causing unprecedented local climate change that we are ill-prepared to manage. While damaged infrastructure can be repaired (again), lost lives cannot be replaced and the stress these storms place on our lives can be easily erased. The time to respond to an alert planet is getting shorter and shorter.

Mike Lo Schiavo, Stoney Creek

Costly mistakes

Board members who do not want to know how much the dismissal of the employees in question will actually cost take this position with good reason: it will be very expensive.

This issue has already caused the City Solicitor to roll over several times over the past year, and I’m pretty sure those at risk of being fired have lawyers ready, or maybe there are multiple class action lawsuits. already written.

The cost of advertising, interviewing, and onboarding the City Solicitor must be an expensive undertaking on its own, not to mention the estimates of what the city will end up paying laid-off employees. And it is possible that the situation will be resolved in the same way that the case of the city workers (first laid off, then put on paid leave, then returned to work after about five years) was resolved.

Such knee-jerk reactions have proven costly, and the price to pay always becomes the burden of the people. With an election looming in the fall, it is not in their interest to expose their costly mistakes.

Keep quiet

I’m not surprised that some people are complaining about city workers being fired for refusing vaccination. Thousands of us have been bitten because it was the right thing to do or because our employers demanded it.

The Unvaxxed City Workers and their Facilitating Advisors embody the selfish sense of entitlement displayed by so many – usually on the right side of the political spectrum. We’re a better place without them all.

The good thing

Your editorial is spot on. The board is doing the right thing by firing these workers. Too bad they didn’t do the right thing on Sewergate too.

Start voting now

It seems that each election is presented as the most important of a generation. But how many of us can remember what the problems were 50 years ago? Or even five years ago? Political parties, policies and priorities come and go and are often forgotten soon after elections. One thing that will never change is that there is only a limited amount of wetlands, forests and agricultural land. Once they are paved, they disappear forever. Please think about it on June 2 and if you’ve never voted before, now is the time to start.

CTL broken

Thank you, David McLaren, for an excellent article on the abysmal record of for-profit long-term care homes in Ontario (May 24). Despite their abysmal record, the Ford government continues to favor for-profit LTCs, giving them more public money, more beds, and legislation like Bill 124, which caps salaries in nonprofit LTCs but not in for-profit LTCs, which makes it much harder for nonprofits to attract staff. The only people who really profit from for-profit houses are the well-paid board members, like Mike Harris, who was one of their architects, and the shareholders. It’s clearly not the vulnerable elderly residents — who have died at a rate 25 times higher than in nonprofit LTC homes during COVID. If you’re concerned about the care you or an aging loved one will receive in the future, help get Ford out of office.

Pedestrian safety

The one-way street problem puts all politicians in competition with solutions. But why not just look around and see what others are doing, all over the world? The answer is: multiple stop intersections. Pedestrians only, in all directions. All traffic stops — cars, trucks, bikes or scooters. Presto – safe space for walkers, slower car traffic and no expensive shifts.

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