Locke & Key Showrunners Break Down Season 2, Tease Season 3


Adapted by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez Lock & Key in a live television series was no small feat; however, veteran television writers and producers Carlton Cuse and Meredith Averill have proven to be more than capable. The duo managed to bring the fantasy horror story of the Locke family and their envied magic keys to life on Netflix, with Lock & Key receive a season 3 renewal in December 2020 – even before the Season 2 premiere.

In a roundtable interview in which CBR and other news outlets participated, Cuse and Averill discussed the rising stakes of Season 2. The showrunners also revealed which major themes inform the progression of the final season and teased what fans can expect from the Lock & Key Season 3.

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Averill praised the Locke & Key universe for having such a rich mythology in the comics, dating back to the American Revolution. Season 2 follows how the Locke family’s past will have a direct impact on their present. Averill teased that the consequences would spill over to the Lock & Key Season 3. Cuse felt the TV medium was fantastic for exploring the nature of the story and the setting that is so integral to Lock & Key, with Season 2 answering several questions raised by its inaugural season.

Aaron Ashmore as Duncan in Locke & Key Season 2

CBR then asked the showrunners what new actor Kevin Durand brought to the production and story of Season 2. “I love that he brings a very different energy to Dodge,” observed Averill. “One of the things that was important to us was that we wanted each season the villains to feel different. Laysla De Oliveira as Dodge in season 1 feels very different from Griffin Gluck’s Dodge in season 2. When we introduced the character of Kevin Durand, he has a different energy as well. I think it gives the show a different feel and a different threat. “

“I really first met Kevin when he arrived Lost and played this horrible character named Keamy, ”added Cuse. “While the character was a horrible guy, Kevin was the most wonderful guy imaginable. Our relationship developed, then Guillermo del Toro and I put it in Strain. He’s a truly wonderful character full of charisma and presence and yet he’s as great a villain as one can wish. Meredith and I were faced with the challenge of how to raise the stakes after Dodge and find a source of nastiness that looks like escalation and is also compelling. That led to us creating this character of Gideon and Kevin seemed like the perfect guy to play him. “

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Reflecting on her past work as a co-showrunner and executive producer on The Haunting of Hill House, Averill felt that Hill House was much spookier than Keyhouse, with Keyhouse almost a quaint getaway, with magical keys, by comparison. Cuse observed that the character is central to all storytelling, especially when working in the fantasy and horror genres, to keep audiences engaged and remember the emotional issues at hand. “The plot gets the most attention, but it’s worthless if the characters aren’t interesting and engaging,” Cuse said.

“Joe [Hill] and I worked together for quite a long time and we wrote a pilot together and did it for Hulu, which they decided not to serialize, “Cuse recounted when CBR asked him. Lock & Keythe long history of development as a television series. “We took the show to Netflix and they were very interested but … The Hulu version was more on the horror axis and the Netflix version is more on the fantasy axis. Meredith got involved and we have started talking about the show and it went really well. Meredith is a great and wonderful addition to the show and we started talking about how to do it on the fantasy axis and we had a set of ‘common ideas and a real alignment in terms of what we wanted to do. “

“We redeveloped it and it thrived,” Cuse continued. “I think Netflix’s instincts were really good about what the show should be. It’s its own thing. It’s obviously different from the tone of the comics when I feel like the Hulu version was trying to ‘adhere a little more rigorously to the tone of the comics. In this process, we handle everything by Joe and Gabe [Rodriguez] and they were very open to it. Joe Hill said a literal adaptation would be boring. This is how we found our way to the show and we made it with the blessing of Joe and Gabe every step of the way. “

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By retaining the horror influences present in the Lock & Key comic book series, Averill wanted to make sure those moments were truly audience-related without being particularly gratuitous. Averill noted that the Savini Squad brought natural horror flourishes to the series. More moments lean into horror in season 2 than in the first season, but they continue to carefully balance the tone between horror and fantasy for the series.

While Season 1 relatively faithfully followed the start of the comic book story, Cuse explained that Season 2 takes a different path. For example, the introduction of the Small World Key was something more organically determined by the progression of the adaptation story. Cuse called these embellishments more creative “subconscious” than deliberate.

Tyler holds the memory key in Locke & Key Season 2

CBR asked the showrunners what it was like to write more about the strengths of their lead actors ahead of Season 2. “It was a pleasure because they are also much more comfortable in the shoes of their characters. now and now we have their voices in our heads. ” said Averill. “With season 1, especially since we wrote all these scripts before we even started filming, we had done the casting but we hadn’t started filming. Now I find it a lot easier. We started writing season 2, I just knew how Connor [Jessup] will deliver that. I can just hear his intonation in my head – even for Darby Stanchfield, Emila Jones and Jackson Robert Scott. I know they’re just going to kill this and it’s a pleasure to overcome that hurdle in Season 1 and write with their voices in mind. They’re also a very, very tight cast, especially with COVID which is so closely linked together. They are really linked even when the cameras are turned off. Hopefully that translates to onscreen as you feel that comfort and closeness between them when they’re in scenes together. “

Cuse explained that the Master Key was especially fun and important to use, including playing a particularly prominent role in Season 2. The creative challenge was to develop ways for the Master Key to open for each character’s respective head. and serve as a window into their minds. . Averill praised the props department for the impressive visual possibilities Small World Key offered in Season 2. Cuse reflected that Season 2 production was particularly difficult, with principal photography starting months before the release of the COVID vaccines – although he felt that the cast and crew were protected by the health precautions employed by the production and Netflix. Season 2 production never stopped during the COVID pandemic.

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The conversation then shifted to the general themes of Lock & Key Season 2, compared to the first season, and how it affects the Locke family. “I think they are finding that with great power comes the need for great restraint,” Averill said.

“They think they’ve mastered those keys and they’ve got a lot of self-confidence for this season, thinking they beat Dodge so they got it,” Averill continued. “They learn very quickly that in fact they really don’t. Having to come to terms with that and pick up the pieces of things that happened way beyond before they were even born, having to take responsibility for it as the new custodians of the keys. They came into this season wearing this like it’s an exciting thing and they’re actually finding that it’s all up to them now. That’s why the stakes are so much higher this season because they really are. coming to terms with this. “

Developed for television by Carlton Cuse, Meredith Averill and Aron Eli Coleite, Locke & Key Season 2 is available to stream on Netflix.

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