Lisa Rinna makes a splash with leggy photo at Met Gala


Ahad Sanwari

Lisa rinna has established herself as one of the hottest and most attractive women on reality TV, but even she wanted to make her presence felt at the biggest fashion event of the year.

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills icon shared a photo of his own debut on the Met Gala beige carpet, but not what you expect.

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Lisa reposted a meme from the “” Instagram page that included a photo of Megan Fox at Monday’s big event in her red lace-up Dundas dress.

However, Lisa herself was also making an appearance in the photo, in an oft-mentioned image of her own in her green dress, running away with her endless legs in full frame.

The actress adapted perfectly to Megan and shared the photo on her own social media with a few laughing emojis in the caption.

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Fans were hysterical upon seeing the photo, as was Lisa, and many dropped their own laughing emojis.

Lisa made her Met Gala debut in the most hysterical way

A few actually thought the photoshop work was real, with one fan commenting, “I totally thought it was real lmao,” and another adding, “When you see Patrick holding drinks and a caviar pie upstairs.”

One simply wrote “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” and another said “I just burst out laughing”, punctuated by several laughing crying emojis.

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Lisa’s leggy moment has made its way onto her page as a meme several times before, make another unexpected appearance on a TV show not so long ago.

The Days of our lives the star reposted a meme on her Instagram in July that combined her with the stars of Sex and the city instead of.


The same image of the actress made an appearance in the Sex and the city also restart

In the photo, she pulled up her dress as she ran past the restaurant where Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis were pictured in New York City during the filming of the reboot.

The post received a divergent reaction from fans and subscribers, with one writing: “These are so epic!”

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