Julie Vitkovskaya named associate editor for Visual Enterprise

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Announcement from Visual Enterprise Editor-in-Chief Ann Gerhart:

I am delighted to announce that Julie Vitkovskaya has been promoted to Editorial Assistant for the Visual Enterprise. She will help direct and edit timely, memorable and touching visual storytelling of the news, a key area of ​​coverage expansion. Julie will partner with me to identify opportunities for fresh visual approaches to news, bring together teams from multiple offices, and offer vision, guidance, and editing as we invent story forms and accelerate their adoption in the newsroom. She will report to the Visual Enterprise Editor and work closely with the Visual Enterprise Editor Collective on Foreign, Climate, Domestic and Business, other editors on Visual Desks and journalists of all skill sets to convene and coordinate coverage, refine workflows and reach new audiences.

Julie is perfectly qualified for this new role, which she has already started. She is brimming with ambitious and inventive ideas to make our story more visually dynamic, and she is an agile collaborator who thrives on teamwork. During her seven years here, she played a vital role in the production of some of The Post’s most important newspapers, creating a variety of new ways for readers to absorb this journalism and acting as a liaison between visual teams and section editors.

As a project writer, she managed and launched two award-winning multi-part and deeply layered series, “The Afghanistan Papers” and “2°C: Beyond the Limit”, proving how well she can organize and referee teams. and drive them to meet deadlines. She produced “George Floyd’s America,” handling photo, video, and graphics, and reported, researched, and produced compelling packages that put human stories front and center, in “10 Lives, Interrupted” and “50 Astronauts, in their own words”.

As Deputy Digital Editor for Foreign and National Security from 2016-2018, she frequently worked with graphics to collaborate on breaking news stories. She kept track of the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia and conducted extensive investigations into what Obama and Trump knew about Russian interference in the 2016 election. She also wrote a weekly dossier on the national security for Apple.

Born in Russia, Julie came to the United States when she was 8 years old. She graduated from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University and spent two years in South Korea working at an English-language newspaper as Princeton in Asia. companion.

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