Jamestown photographer shortlisted for prestigious Image of the Year award

A talented photographer from Jamestown has been shortlisted for a prestigious Guild of Photographers Award.

Katie Hughes was nominated for the Photographers Guild’s Image of the Year Award, for her submission in the Creative and Digital Art category.

Over 13,000 entries were received in 2021 from some of the world’s most gifted photographers, with Katie being one of 10 shortlisted.

Explaining further on her striking work, Katie said, “This is a picture I made while playing with the smoke from an incense stick.

“When I looked at all of my pictures, I noticed that some shapes looked like a face, hair, etc. It made me think about putting all the pieces together and the end result was a woman who looked like she was dancing.

Astro photography is one of Katie’s passions.

“I joined the Photographers Guild almost two years ago. They have a monthly competition called picture of the month where you enter your images and professional photographers around the world judge your work. When I entered this image, I won a silver medal for it.

Of all the year’s entries, the Guild’s judges selected just 10 from various genres to make it to the annual Image of the Year finals.

Guild Director Lesley Thirsk said: “One of the goals of the Guild is to stimulate standards and creativity among photographers.

“Our competition certainly does that, because the level of entries that we see each month is quite staggering.

“Having an image recognized by the Guild in the monthly contest is hard enough, so having an image selected as one of the best in a category for the year-end finals is without a doubt an incredible achievement, and shows how talented a photographer, Katie is.

Examples of work by Jamestown photographer Katie Hughes
Katie’s incredible work has been recognized by the Photographers Guild

Katie continued, “I love photography and have put a lot of effort into developing my skills.

“One way to do this is to enter the Guild Contest.

“It pushes the standards of photography forward month after month, so it helps me surpass myself.

“The images I see receiving awards each month are inspiring, so knowing how high those standards are, having one of my images shortlisted for the overall final among the thousands of people submitted throughout the year is really exciting. . I couldn’t believe it when I found out.

This month, judges will meet to decide the big winner, with results to be announced in early February.

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