Is there a narration in landscape photography?


Landscape photography is one of the most popular genres of photography, but how do photos of rocks, mountains, waves and sunsets tell a story?

Photography has always been used to tell stories. It has always been an easier, more practical, and more efficient way to illustrate events and phenomena. But, as a landscape photographer, you might have sometimes wondered what stories you tell your audience. How does the place illustrate an event? How does light translate into thought trains?

Storytelling has always been attributed primarily (but not exclusively) to human subjects. If they are not the human elements directly, they can be objects that represent human life and activity. Perhaps this is the reason why not everyone with a deep understanding of landscape photography would be able to identify the elements of storytelling in a scene without the human element. Human elements are not uncommon in landscape photography. However, it is the importance of this visual element in the photograph that sets it apart as it is more of a travel photograph, a street photograph or even an outdoor portrait. Human elements in landscape photography are often effective for scale and movement, but not directly the main subject of the image. Instead, there are various visual elements that help with storytelling in landscape photography, and in this video are a few examples.


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