GalerieX: Andrew Prokos: New Abstraction

GalleryX present Andrew Prokos: new abstractiona comprehensive two-part exhibition featuring large-scale architectural abstractions from the Photographer’s Series Abstract metropolis and Reverse.

Abstract metropolis incorporates elements of contemporary architecture such as close-up views of facades, construction details and architectural reflections on glass. Through the process of abstraction, Prokos deepens the possibilities of the medium, exploring its boundaries and limits, in order to present a body of work that is a step towards inner expression. The result is a captivating combination of line and color, movement and light, which is difficult to categorize into existing photographic genres. Both abstract and intimate, but also created from the existing and observable elements that surround us, Prokos’ series emerges as contemporary experimental art that combines genres, techniques and technological possibilities into singular pieces showing a unique voice and a personal feeling.

Reverse features the futuristic towers and panoramic cityscapes of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, as well as more intimate interpretations of lesser-known modernist buildings and landscapes in Liwa and Al Ain. Presented as large-scale photographs up to two meters tall, the series uses flat color fields, abstract detail and close-up views to striking effect. Images are rendered in a vivid color palette achieved through their representation in negative color space. The close-ups of facades offer a humanizing insight into the life of the inhabitants. These are occupied spaces… rows of balconies containing personal effects, hanging laundry, exercise bikes, rugs, strollers. Viewed in negative color space, these mundane objects take on a surreal tinge and become enigmatic and appealing objects to behold.

André Prokos is an internationally renowned photographer whose career spans almost twenty years. Known primarily for his large-scale cityscapes, architectural compositions and innovative experimental series, his work has been exhibited at the Museum of the City of New York, 21_21 DesignSight Museum in Tokyo, Banco do Brasil cultural space, Art in Embassies and in Galleries. and corporate collections in North America, the UK, Continental Europe and Asia. Prokos’ work has won honors at the International Photography Awards, Prix de la Photographie, Paris, American Photography 31 and 37, Latin American Fotografia and many more.

Andrew Prokos: new abstraction
September 2 – September 31, 2022
Al Majaz Amphitheater
Al Majaz 3
Sharjah 82828
United Arab Emirates

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