Fashion photographer Nima Samiee presents the best style statement through her stunning shots


The demand for photography as a profession has grown by leaps and bounds. Not all professionals with a high-end camera are photographers. To become a photographer, it is important to know the subject, the different types of lenses and above all, the particular field of photography. Amidst different genres, fashion photography has its dedicated fan base from all over the world. One of the highly skilled names in this field of photography is Nima Samiee.

The Iranian-born photographer is currently based in Milan and has made a name for himself among leading photographers. Moved to Milan in 2012, he has always been wowed by the fashion and trendy style choices brought by celebrities and influencers around the world. Deploying different layers of fashion photography, Nima Samiee rightly uses social media to reach a wider audience. Her Instagram page focuses on all kinds of fashions, covering different types of fashion photography, including editorial fashion photography, street fashion photography, and glamor photography.

Giving new meaning to glamor with her impeccable photographic skills, Nima Samiee has collaborated with celebrities and well-known brands. At the same time, the photographer has been associated with international magazines and publications such as Numero, Vogue, L’officiel and Love Magazine. Plus, Nima’s indoor and outdoor shoots are all kinds of a treat to watch as every frame captured by him is aesthetically perfect.

In addition to being a photographer, he is also a content creator and video producer. The renowned photographer has created and curated content for numerous fashion brands around the world. One of her most notable accomplishments is working for Love Magazine. Not only that, celebrities like Sasha Luss, Noel Capri, Sofia Resing, Marianne Fonseca, Cara Delevingne, Kat Graham, Martha Hunt and many more have been captured by Nima in the past. With the intention of bringing different kinds of fashion to a global catwalk, Nima Samiee has mastered the art of capturing the best style statement through her lens.

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