Ex Bachie Jimmy proposed Holly and a photographer captured it all

jimmy nicholson and Holly Kingston who met in season 9 of The Bachelor Australia just announced their engagement. What parallel universe do we live in where reality TV produces stable couples who seem to really love each other? Wild times.

According Stellarthe couple were halfway through their antics in southern Italy when Jimmy got down on his knees and broke the engagement ring.

Needless to say there was a photographer on hand to capture the moment.

It’s giving Scott Morrison isolate yourself with your photographer. Lukewarm on them or hate them, you have to respect the sense of the media.

The engagement ring Jimmy acquired was purchased while she was incognito in Sydney.

“I walked in with my sister, I had a mask, sunglasses and a hat,” Jimmy told Stellar.

Did you wear a fake mustache too, Jimmy? Commit yourself fully, my man.

Holly recalled the days leading up to the proposal. Namely, the plane ride.

“He slept cradling his backpack (which contained the ring) on ​​his lap holding it like a pillow,” she says.

“I couldn’t have snatched that backpack from his arms if I had tried.”

Good for them, I imagine!

Jimmy chose Holly over the second Brooke Cleal on their season of The single person.

The couple then quickly moved in together in Sydney’s east end. It was only a matter of time before he proposed, TBH.

However, things weren’t always easy for Jimmy and Holly (Jolly???).

In June, they went on a pointless rant on OnlyFans.

Jimmy and Holly argued that the platform was not about empowerment and was more of a cash grab by former reality TV contestants.

Holly then doubled down by posting a bunch of DMs she had received from her followers.

“Empowerment comes in all forms, not just doing something you feel compelled to do because reality stars do it,” Holly wrote.

“If you want to get a [OnlyFans account]get one [OnlyFans]. If you don’t, don’t.

“Just as we have the choice to be pro about this concept, we have the choice to talk about why it’s not on our radar. If we felt compelled to do something against our values, we imagine that some young people feel the same pressure.

Holly added that the couple can “appreciate” that some “may not agree with this position”.

Jimmy re-shared the post on his IG Story.

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Image: Instagram @hollykingston and @jimmynicholson

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