EDITORIAL: Steven Guilbeault is just too extreme


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It is more than alarming that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau thinks it is good for the nation to stir up Steven Guilbeault as Minister of Environment and Climate Change.

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He’s a radical. Clear and simple. And that’s the last thing Canada needs right now. It is too extreme.

The Montreal MP had already ruffled the feathers during his previous ministerial post as Minister of Heritage. It was Guilbeault who spearheaded Trudeau’s internet censorship laws that caused non-partisan pundits to cry foul.

“Guilbeault is quickly proving to be the most toxic and divisive member of the Liberal government,” we wrote in this editorial space in July. “Canadians just have to say no to his overly ambitious plans. “

These were Bills C-10 and C-36, as well as guides that Guilbeault’s office planned to distribute to advise journalists on the words to use in their coverage.

Canadians have every reason to believe that Guilbeault will be even worse in his new job. This is because environmental radicalism is his real passion.

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Take a look at this famous photograph of Guilbeault offering an evil smile as he is taken away by the police for committing an illegal stunt during his years as an activist at Greenpeace.

“Before entering politics in 2019, Guilbeault spent more than 20 years as one of the most prominent environmental activists in Quebec,” wrote Lorne Gunter in a recent column.

“He is not going to argue for a balanced approach to economic development and environmental protection. Under Guilbeault, it will be radicalism all the time, even more than under (Catherine) McKenna and (Jonathan) Wilkinson, ”continued Gunter.

It’s a tall order – to be more radical and more confrontational than former Environment Minister Catherine McKenna, who certainly knew how to rub people the wrong way.

Trudeau has already pledged to massively increase the carbon tax and introduce a second hidden carbon tax, through the Clean Fuel Standard.

How much worse can it be? Oh, it can be a lot worse.

The Prime Minister’s Office would do better not to let Guilbeault freestyle too much. It is not known what he had implemented if he had had his run in Parliament.

Then again, the fact that he even got the job suggests that Trudeau actually sees him as a soul mate. And that’s a problem.

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