Editorial: Parents could be held responsible for school shooting | Opinion

Ethan Crumbley is accused of pulling the trigger, but Michigan prosecutors are correct that the teenager’s parents are also guilty of the murder of four students if they in fact ignored the warning signs that their son was on the verge of violence.

Crumbley’s parents face manslaughter charges. Prosecutors allege the 15-year-old used a pistol his father bought him to carry out the deadly attack.

Court records and media reports claim that school officials met Crumbley’s parents that morning after finding a disturbing note the teenager wrote in which he referred to someone having sex. shoot it. According to prosecutors, his parents did not want him removed from the classroom even though they knew he had access to the handgun.

In fact, according to a New York Times article, Crumbley’s mother actually texted him to “learn not to get caught” after a teacher reported observing him searching for ammunition while on the road. line. Prosecutors also claim the handgun was stored in an unlocked holster allowing easy access to Crumbley.

If the prosecution is correct, Crumbley’s parents provided him with the murder weapon and then refused to intervene when school officials confronted them about his behavior. This just might be an example of how two adults stranded with their son and were complicit in the deaths of four students.

Despite the callous photographs some politicians choose to put on their Christmas cards, guns are not toys. If an adult purchases a firearm for a minor, that adult should take responsibility for how that firearm is handled and stored. If an adult provides a firearm to a child, refuses to store it safely, and refuses to remove it when there is even a suspicion that the minor could use it to injure others, the adult should be guilty of any ensuing violence.

Deadly school shootings have become all too common in our country. Our children are regularly exposed to their peers who bring weapons to school. Teens are often confronted with violence from other teens, and somewhere along the way they have access to guns they are not old enough to buy.

Children will make childish mistakes, but adults must be held to a different standard. Parents who ignore their child’s violent tendencies, mental health issues and other issues while providing a weapon to the minor should be held accountable. When their failures help to harm others, they should be prosecuted and face heavy prison terms.

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