Editorial: A failed attempt to silence the messengers | Editorial

Thomas “TJ” Roberston and Jacob Fracker said they had neither participated in nor witnessed the violence that took place on January 6, although that did not prevent federal authorities from charging them with crimes or the city of. fire them.

The now infamous selfie the couple took inside the Capitol crypt, with Fracker making an obscene gesture on camera, got its first public exposure when Craighead posted a leaked copy on social media. She had danced with the officers at one of her Black Lives Matter events and was mortified by what she saw as betrayal.

Comments Fracker and Robertson posted on social media after posting their selfies – and comments they made in interviews – suggested they were more upset with Craighead’s criticism than the news that they had been inside the Capitol.

Craighead also heard from residents of the county who were more angry with her for making the selfie public than they were with the officers for being present during the riot. This continued after she elected to run as the Democratic candidate for the seat of the 9th District House of Delegates, which represents most of Franklin County, all of Patrick County, and part of Henry County. .

Craighead received a letter at his campaign headquarters, soaked in a yellow substance, criticizing him for being supposedly an ally of Critical Race Theory and “Nancy Peloski”. [sic] and telling him to “go back to Africa”, adding: “We have tried to domesticate you, but I see that we have failed”.

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