Dubai Derma 2022 ends with a record 2 billion dirhams in transactions

This exceptional deal volume also highlights Dubai’s emergence as a place where major industries can connect, network and explore partnerships, as well as the UAE’s position as a major player in the global medical and scientific sector.

Dr. Abdul Salam Al Madani, Executive Chairman of Dubai Derma and Chairman of INDEX Holding, said: “A premier event attended by leading companies in the industry, Dubai Derma received significant positive feedback from attendees and visitors. Through Dubai Derma, we seek to support the UAE’s efforts to drive growth in the medical sector and contribute to increased trade and engagement in the sector between the UAE and the rest of the world. We are very pleased to see the strong demand and early corporate bookings for next year’s event. »

The Derma Dubai conference featured 326 scientific lectures, 79 workshops, and over 90 scientific poster presentations focusing on various developments related to cosmetic surgery, lasers, cosmetic dermatology, and anti-aging, among others.

Dr. Hassan Galadari, Head of the Dubai Derma Conference Scientific Committee, said the event’s scientific conferences and forums provide an opportunity for international medical institutions to exchange new information and ideas that will influence and shape new conversations. in the global medical community.

Dr Hassan added: “Dubai’s ability to provide a safe environment for global events marked by world-class protocols has provided industry professionals with the opportunity to come together under one roof to share their experiences and share the latest research on the dermatology sector. At Dubai Derma, we witnessed the results of the exceptional work of the health and safety authorities of the United Arab Emirates, which enabled us to form unique partnerships with many organizations, including the skin and skin care sectors. beauty around the world.

The last day of the conference covered several scientific topics, including scalp diseases, diagnosis and treatment methods, the right ways to treat facial irritation, the importance of non-thermal lasers in the fight against aging and a study of complex clinical conditions.

The third day of the conference also hosted several workshops which covered various topics such as modern scientific treatment of fat breakdown, demonstrations on the new picosecond laser technique, which is used to remove tattoos, treatment of scars , the basics of treating the skin deep in the face, ways to maintain natural facial features after significant weight loss, the treatment of complex surgical scars and burns, and modern microbar puncture devices like the microblading.

The Dubai Derma 2022 conference raised awareness of the scientific aspects of dermatology and brought together some of the biggest names in the industry from around the world, such as Dr. Jean Bologna, Professor of Dermatology at Yale University and Deputy Secretary General of the International Society of Dermatology. Dr. Bologna gave a lecture focusing on various scientific aspects of dermatology and immune deficiencies that can lead to skin diseases such as lupus.

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