Draupadi Murmu gets emotional while visiting his Alma Mater in Bhubaneswar

On Friday, President Draupadi Murmu grew emotional as she sat down on the cot she used to sleep on during her student days in the 1970s at Unit II Government Girl’s High School.

Murmu on the second day of her tour in Odisha visited her alma mater and the Kuntala Kumari Sabat Adivasi hostel where she used to stay during her school days. She also met 13 classmates and expressed her joy to be among her classmates, students from her school and teachers.

The President started the day by visiting Tapabana High School in Khandagiri in the city. Reminiscing about his school days, Murmu said, “I started my schooling in my village of Uparbeda. There was no school building, but a thatched roof house where we used to study.

Calling today’s children ‘lucky’, the president said: ‘We used to sweep the classrooms, clean the school premises with cow dung. era studied with a free spirit. I ask you to work hard and concentrate on your studies.”

During an interaction with female students, Murmu said, “In our time, there were no such facilities as internet, television and other arrangements to know the world outside us. As such , I have no role models from outside My grandmother was my role I saw how she helped people, especially women in our area My grandmother was mentally very strong and I learned a lot from his life.

When Murmu reached her alma mater where she studied from grades 8 to 11, schoolchildren greeted her. She entered the school premises, waving at the people who had been waiting impatiently outside the campus to catch a glimpse of her since morning.

She also visited the Kuntala Kumari Sabat Hostel, where she stayed while attending public school. “When we showed the president her bedroom and the cot she used to sleep on as a student, she got emotional and sat on the same bed for a while,” a woman said. teacher.

The president also planted a sapling in the premises of the Kuntala Kumari Sabat hostel where she stayed for four years from 1970 to 1974. Later, Murmu met her classmates, who were invited to school.

“It was a different time in our lives that the President of India invited us to see us. We cannot express this feeling and we are so happy after meeting the first citizen of the country, who was our classmate during school days,” said Chinmayee Mohanty, a retired college professor and classmate of Murmu.

Murmu inquired about his other roommates at the inn and asked, “Where’s Chuni?” Incidentally, Murmu’s friend Chuni was absent on occasion. “We are really proud to have such a great friend. However, we couldn’t talk much even when the president approached us. She clicked the picture with us,” Mohanty said.

Taking to Twitter, the Indian President said: “It was a nostalgic moment today when I visited my alma mater Government Girls High School and Kuntalakumari Sabat Adivasi Girls Hostel in Bhubaneswar. The visit reminded me of fond memories of my student life. Murmu also expressed her delight after finding a sand drawing of her created at her school premises.

(With PTI inputs)

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