Denver school board member Tay Anderson should be censored and must regain trust


After a month of investigation, investigators hired by Denver Public Schools were unable to substantiate rape allegations against school board member Tay Anderson. In the end, not a single victim came forward.

However, the 96-page survey released by the Denver Public School Board on Wednesday found that Anderson had recently had private conversations via social media and text messages with two high school students. In one case, Anderson aggressively sought dates with a 17-year-old from a Douglas County high school. She described her unease at the advances to investigators. In the other, the messages show he flirted with a 16-year-old who declined to be interviewed.

Anderson, who cooperated fully with investigators, admitted to both conversations and said he stopped talking to the 16-year-old after learning about her age via social media.

This is unacceptable behavior on the part of any 23-year-old, and it is blatant to someone in a position of trust of power and authority over approximately 92,000 Denver public school students.

Further, the investigation revealed that Anderson more than likely made “two social media posts during the investigation that were coercive and intimidating towards witnesses.”

We strongly believe the school board should vote to censor Anderson on Friday.

Until trust is restored, the board should require that Anderson not contact or communicate with students – in any school district – unless another adult in authority is present. here.

The number one job of the school district is to protect students from damage.

Anderson maintained her innocence from the very beginning and investigators questioned the credibility of a woman who went public with an allegation that she knew more than 60 women who accused Anderson of inappropriate sexual behavior. The inquest also noted, however, that if other victims existed they might have been afraid to cooperate, including a woman who detailed allegations to others that Anderson raped her in the parking lot. from the downtown donut store where they worked together.

Anderson’s position on a school board makes any accusation of impropriety particularly damning. He’s not a state capitol politician who operates almost exclusively in a world full of adults. Students are particularly vulnerable, and we have too often seen as a society how young victims are unable to speak out about their trauma for years. The risk is too great for the board not to act on what it knows.

The exchanges between Anderson and the student were clearly flirtatious. Anderson asked the 16-year-old if she had her own accommodation and where she worked. He asked her to teach him how to make pizza. The most direct flirtations were eye emojis in a photo and the writing “Let’s be friends lol”. She was a student in the district that Anderson is assigned to supervise.

With the other young woman, who was 17 at the time and attending Douglas County School, Anderson was much more aggressive in pursuing a romantic relationship.

“I would say I live with my parents [house] at secondary school. He was trying to make me feel bad that I didn’t go out with him, a young man in his twenties, ”she told investigators. Most of the messages in between happened in Snapchat where they are deleted shortly after they were sent and investigators were unable to substantiate the exact content of the messages.

Anderson confirmed that he spoke with the woman and “admitted he was flirting with her” and asked her to go stargazing.

Anderson’s behavior with these two women and his inappropriate, even threatening, social media posts illustrate a blatant disregard for the responsibilities he assumed when he became a member of the school board. The voters who put him there, the people he represents and the students whose best interests he should care about deserve better.

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