Demi Moore’s daughter forced to defend her appearance in new photo


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Demi Moore and his three daughters with Bruce willis are no strangers to designer clothes and regularly model the fanciest brands, so it’s good to know that their outfits don’t always come at a high price point.

The Ghost the youngest child of the star, Tallulah, on Wednesday shared several images of her on Instagram wearing a cream-colored jumpsuit with a Top Gun to feel it.

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The 27-year-old also included a text conversation she had about her outfit, in which someone asked her: “All Gucci?” ” and she replied: “It’s American Eagle at best, man.”

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Tallulah’s reference to the affordable clothing retailer elicited a huge response from her followers who commented, “Look at you… gorgeous” and, “you are so beautiful and on point,” while others said they liked the color of her outfit and thanked her for revealing where she came from.

The newly engaged star recently got fans talking for another reason when she revealed she has had sloppy lip injections before. Tallulah shared several paparazzi photos of herself on Instagram.

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She then explained: “I try to keep a good limit with myself so that I don’t see / investigate photos of myself online – but every now and then being a masochist has its perks!”

Tallulah revealed her chic outfit was from American Eagle

In the first two photos, Tallulah was in the process of moving last year and described herself as looking “VERY chaotic”, while the others were from 2005 when she was walking around New York City.

But it was with the latest image of herself wearing a hat that she became most moved when she revealed it was taken after she had lip fillers.

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“Finally, and perhaps most lovingly,” she wrote next to the close-up image of her face. “Saw a pic of me posting a really # sloppy lip injection date, where I had been so optimistic that a vile of Juvaderm would heal my damaged self-perception (It didn’t, it never did and it never will be. “

Tallulah has a bold sense of style

She continued, “True healing comes through compassionate inner dialogue and actions that support your self-care.”
Her post was greeted with an avalanche of comments from her fans who thanked her for being so honest.

Tallulah – who has spoken openly about his battles with depression and has also suffered from drug addiction in the past – was inundated with support from people grateful for her inspiring messages.

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