David and Victoria Beckham widely criticized for ‘appalling’ photoshoot of their underage son

David and Victoria Beckham have drawn criticism from fans on social media over their 17-year-old son Cruz’s latest photo shoot.

Victoria shared photos from the photo shoot with identifier magazine on Instagram Monday, Feb. 21, a day after Cruz turned 17.

One of five stars on the cover of the magazine’s “Out of Body” issue, a candy-pink-haired Cruz was photographed shirtless, wearing white boxers and ankle-length jeans, in a glance.

The image is strikingly similar to a past image of his footballing superstar father, David Beckham, when he graced the cover of The Man Plus magazine last May.

Both Beckhams were photographed by famed American photographer Steven Klein.

After Cruz’s “proud” popstar-turned-entrepreneur Posh Spice uploaded photos of her teenage son to Instagram, fans called her the “scary” and “sad” photos.

One Instagram user wrote, “I don’t want to see a 17 year old like this.”

Another called the shoot “Dreadful” considering he’s still underage.

Noticing Cruz’s butterfly tattoo, other users called out his parents for allowing it, especially since it’s illegal to get a tattoo under the age of 18 in the UK.

“Good to see his parents breaking the law by letting their son get a tattoo before the age,” one comment read.

Senior Beckham also posted identifierCruz de Cruz’s photos on his own Instagram account and he was also criticized for the “strange” photos.

One social media user said: ‘Just weird rich people s***’

In the interview, Cruz revealed that he was pursuing a career in music after briefly considering playing football professionally like his father.

Despite winning a contract with Arsenal football club, Cruz said his heart was set on becoming a musical superstar.

The Beckhams have three other children: Brooklyn, 22, Romeo, 19, and Harper, 10.

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