Check Out the Winners of the Inaugural UChicago “Science as Art” Competition

The crowd favorite, chosen by a March Madness-style group on UChicago’s social media, is:

“Magellan Telescopes and the Milky Way”, a photograph at the Magellan Telescopes taken by a fourth-year PhD in astrophysics. student Adina Feinstein.

Feinstein wrote, “This was the last time I observed the Magellan Telescopes in Chile before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. During this run, I observed several transiting planets, or planets crossing between us and their host star, in order to measure their spin-orbit alignment. The spin-orbit alignment between a planet and its star can tell us about the history of planet formation and migration. I took this photo during a long exposure of one of my weaker targets of the night. In the photo you see one of the two 6.5 meter Magellan telescopes on the left. The band of dark, pink “clouds” extending from the top of the telescope is the center of our own galaxy, the Milky Way.

Two entries also received honorable mentions:

“A big part” submitted by undergraduate students Rowen Glusman and Isaiah Escapa and project manager Lauren Boegen. The image depicts Mary Calvert, astronomer at Yerkes Observatory in the 20th century; his photo is superimposed on a plate of EE Barnard’s Atlas of some regions of the Milky Way which contains his writing. The authors wrote: “According to Edwin Frost, Calvert was responsible for ‘a great deal’ of the editorial duties of the Atlas.” The plaque is featured in an upcoming publication by their group.

“Edge of Consciousness”, submitted by undergraduate researcher Kaylie Scorza. This is a microscope image of crystals taken after Scorza dried a liquid used to grow and study human gut bacteria.

In the caption, Scorza noted, “Polarizing filters were added to the microscope and adjusted to achieve the blue and white colors that give this image an otherworldly harmonic quality. The lack of texture beyond the right edge of the formation adds intrigue – what do you think is beyond that field of view? »

See the full, mind-blowing set of entries in the Flickr gallery.

Winners and nominations will be posted on campus over the coming year.

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