Brian Kastan releases new improvisation album “Free Blues”


The musician’s 33rd album features bassist Jay Brunka and drummer Dave Berger.

By the JamBase team October 13, 2021 2:11 p.m. PDT

Guitarist Brian Kastan released a new improv album titled Free blues. The album is the 33rd released by Kastan, who is also an accomplished bassist, composer, author and digital landscape photographer.

A prolific multi-instrumentalist, Kastan made his mark with original improvisations and composing style, a self-developed hybrid fingerpicking technique on guitar, and big bass grooves and electric bass improvisations.

With 10 improvised pieces anchored in the blues form, Free blues was recorded by Brian Kastan and the Free Blues Band with Jay Brunka and Dave Berger. The trio of Kastan (guitar), Brunka (bass) and Berger (drums) recorded the album on March 31 at Continuum Fine Art and Photography in Greenwood Lake, New York. Brian Kastan and the Free Blues Band will return to Continuum Fine Art and Photography for a concert on October 30th.

Free blues introduces Kastan’s improvisational approach to playing traditional blues styles. The concept of the album is to play standard blues sensations and forms while playing from a new modern rhythmic and harmonic perspective. Free blues consists of stable, punchy bass and drum grooves, while Kastan’s guitar floats in new abstract blues melodies and riffs.

Born and raised in Glen Cove, New York, Kastan’s 33 albums released as a conductor or band member include 10 featuring his bass.

Flux Free blues and check out Kastan’s many other releases via Bandcamp and Spotify. Watch Brian Kastan and the Free Blues Band with Jay Brunka and Dave Berger perform at Continuum Fine Art and Photography below:

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