Brad Pitt’s Formula 1 movie will feature non-CGI action like Top Gun: Maverick, director reveals

After the resounding success of Top Gun: Maverickdirector Joseph Kosinsky was quick to grab his next project, a Formula 1 racing film starring brad pitt on your mind. Apple is producing the film, which currently has the working title, Formula One. However, it will get a worldwide theatrical release before hitting streaming. And just like Top Gun: MaverickKosinski plans to keep things real (literally) and deliver more jaw-dropping thrills with Formula Onethis time swapping fighter planes for racing cars.

One of the reasons why Top Gun: Maverick feels so immersive because the filmmakers placed cameras inside the planes. It not only captured the reactions of the actors when they experienced strong gravitational forces, but also put viewers in their place. Joseph Kosinski is aware of the popularity of this approach with moviegoers and hopes to replicate it with Formula One. In an interview with The envelopeKosinsky said:


“But certainly seeing people react to a film shot behind closed doors and authentically captured like Top Gun makes us all feel good that our approach works and is appreciated by the public. It’s almost funny for me to see people who are so in love with real photography. people almost haven’t seen much of it. They’re so used to CGI [computer-generated images] being a great movies tool that when you shoot something for real, it looks innovative. This is exactly the approach of Formula 1… shooting real races and real cars and capturing them. It will be a huge challenge, but exciting for me.”

Joseph Kosinski also throws shade at the widespread prevalence of CGI in modern movies, saying that a practically shot movie looks “innovative” these days. Kosinski is also no stranger to working with extensive visual effects, having made his debut with the 2010s tron the legacy, which was almost entirely CG. However, he has since branched out into other genres with films like Oblivion, only the brave, and spider head.

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Apple has won a fierce bidding war for Formula 1

“Brad Pitt to headline Joseph Kosinski-directed racing movie” was enough to spark a major bidding war among top Hollywood production houses. In the end, Apple emerged victorious, reportedly shelling out $140 million for Formula One. The film will be produced by Kosinski, Jerry Bruckheimer and seven-time Formula 1 champion Sir Lewis Hamilton.

Formula One is written by Ehren Kruger (Top Gun: Maverick, Scream 3) and stars Brad Pitt as a driver who comes out of retirement to mentor a promising rookie and race alongside him one last time. Formula One looks a lot like a 1990s spiritual sequel thunder dayalso produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and directed by Tony Scott.

Seen how the fast furious can almost be classified as science fiction now, it’s safe to say that the motor racing genre has become underrepresented in Hollywood. Ford versus Ferrari was the last major motorsport film, and it made a moderate profit. Gran Turismo is also in development with Neill Blomkamp, ​​another proponent of hands-on cinema. It looks like adrenaline junkies have a lot to look forward to in the years to come.

Formula One does not yet have a release date but will shoot in 2023. In the meantime, you can discover Kosinski’s latest film, spider head, on Netflix, while Brad Pitt will next appear in High-speed trainpremiering August 5, 2022.

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