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Laura Wittka, COO and Co-Founder, EDU International Business Institute FZCO

Co-founder Nicolas Ballaz and I launched EDU International Business Institute in June 2021 to provide legally binding contracts to young graduates looking for an internship or a position in a company. We aim to provide graduates with the most convenient and timely service, while enhancing their career opportunities and brightening their future.

Nicolas Ballaz, Managing Director and Co-Founder, EDU International Business Institute FZCO

IFZA answered our questions in a very professional and friendly manner, thus ensuring that IFZA would be the right partner for us to set up our business in Dubai. When establishing our company, we received tremendous support. The process was super-fast and convenient, and we registered our business within two weeks. After the company was established, we continuously received additional support to apply for the visa.

Shukhratbek Mirzaev, Managing Director, SH.AM Consulting Services FZCO

I came to Dubai with my family at the end of August to continue my health management consulting business here in the United Arab Emirates, which is at the crossroads of international trade. I chose IFZA after comparing different free zones in UAE because of their business license offerings and packages that meet my business needs.

In addition, the IFZA representatives I spoke with were very professional and all of my inquiries were answered. Within a week, I obtained my business license, which also allowed me to engage in management consulting and business brokerage activities in addition to healthcare management. After I got my business license and settlement card, they continued to help me with the residency visa process.

Ehab asaad mohammed, Managing Director, Cvit Software House

Cvit Software House started in 2016 as an enterprise resource planning (ERP) service and implementation provider. We are now serving the ERP needs of the public and private sectors in the UAE and providing outsourcing services to companies around the world. We have fully integrated intelligent processes and applications to support the digital transformation of our customers. Not only are we focused on providing first-class support and service to our customers, but we also offer up-to-date training on the latest versions of our software solutions to further improve their operations.

Ajman Free Zone (AFZ) offers a variety of attractive features and services compatible with our needs to ensure success. From company registration to license approval and many other procedures, the AFZ team is able to help us without any hassle. They were able to provide clear instructions and quick answers to our questions before we started our business. Also, AFZ supported us in adopting sustainable purchasing policies, favoring the execution of contracts and purchases with companies in the free zone. As proof of AFZ’s confidence in our offers, they have also signed supply agreements with us. Best of all, they gave us a very competitive package and so far we have had a friendly experience while staying here.

AFZ provided the perfect environment for our business to flourish and our innovative solutions to mature. In fact, they gave us the opportunity to operate as the IT arm of AFZ. We have also received wide support to develop in various aspects and expand our services.

ReUben Benjamin, Founder and CEO, Anima LLC

I launched Anima in July 2020. We develop unique sustainability initiatives for companies across all industries. As a team, we consider the company’s objectives and develop initiatives around their business model. I chose SHAMS because of its flexible prices and tailor-made activities, which was obvious to Anima. What SHAMS has done well is to enrich the experience of opening a business, which can be overwhelming. However, the self-confidence and good energy of the staff is what I needed to bring Anima to where it is today. SHAMS staff responded promptly to any inquiries or queries I had throughout the process. Knowing that you are well received is a feeling that I will carry throughout my entrepreneurial journey.

Jade Robertson, Director, International Edition

International Publishing was launched in London in 2006, followed by our Sharjah and New York branches in 2017. Our main activities include publishing books of all genres in Arabic and English for all ages.

In the United Arab Emirates, we chose SPCFZ to start our business because of its accessibility, the ability to have a warehouse and office space, and to work alongside other publishing professionals. SPCFZ had everything we needed to function effectively as a publisher.

In terms of supporting the organization during and after launching our business, the staff at SPCFZ are very efficient and have provided assistance every step of the way, from proposing suitable premises to documentation and licensing.

Suraj Mohan, Executive Director, Var Ange Project Support Services Limited

We were confused about the cheap commercial licenses available in the market and it was the Aurion team that helped guide us to the Masdar Free Zone in Abu Dhabi which I think is the right free zone. for us based on our industry, which deals with energy goods and services.

We are delighted with the operation of the free zone as well as the pace at which our business operates successfully.

Yashraj V. Rathor, Director, Palm Hospitality Ventures FZC

Palm Hospitality Ventures was launched in September 2018 in the Ajman Free Zone and deals with the general trade of hospitality and travel products.

We applaud the excellent, fast zero-defect services continuously provided to us by Hatem and Mafaza at Business Link, who have always been committed to building exceptional trust and confidence and ensuring that customers like us look to them for success. assistance in specialized processes.

Providing professional services through a highly talented team for market communications and business management, and leveraging the trust established with diligence with local government to build bridges, navigate legal mazes and resolve issues. customer issues are their strengths. We respect Business Link to be a one-stop-shop for all corporate business and public relations needs in the world’s most progressive region, the United Arab Emirates. We highly recommend Business Link to a global clientele who wish to seek business start-up opportunities in the United Arab Emirates.

Faranak, Founder, Enaya Education

I am honored to have been invited to share my experience with Capital International Group. My name is Faranak and I am the founder and owner of Enaya Education. My vision for Enaya originated in June 2020, from my own struggles I faced as a parent of a child with learning differences. Our comprehensive support for the educational needs of children with learning differences includes parent support and advocacy; provide individual academic support to students; train teachers; and consult schools on best practices.

In August of this year, I decided to take Enaya to the next level and move into an office. After browsing through several offices, I came across an excellent office conveniently located by Capital International Group. The approach of their staff was very professional and understanding from the start. They listened to all of our concerns and responded to all of our needs. I am blessed to be here and feel that we are all part of one family. Thank you Capital International Group – you are our continued support.

Chris Calumberan, Chris Calumberan FZE

My company offers photography, videography and commercial photography. We work with brands like McDonald’s, Enoc and Adnoc, to name a few.

With the help of Creative Zone, I recently moved to SHAMS as it is more suited to my business activities. The customer service that Creative Zone provides me every time is commendable. These people know what they are doing and this trust factor is crucial for business owners.

I always look forward to renewing my license with them and meeting the team that I really love.

Ismail Tekin, Founding Partner, Lambert & Co. FZ LLC

We opened Lambert & Co.’s first office in 2013, in Creative City in Fujairah, with a focus on investment management and management consulting. EZone has been instrumental in helping us in our expansion into Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We value our long term relationships and Maribe. She and her team are extremely competent.

Mohamed Abdi Mohamed, owner and manager, GOIN Shipping & Cargo

I have been happy to have been associated with Make My Firm start-up services for three years and I am happy to have chosen a very professional firm for my start-up. They have in-depth knowledge of the rules and regulations for starting a business, offering me the right advice. I have created four companies with Make My Firm and it has always been an incredible experience. They are very specific with processes and deadlines. They made it easier for me to start my business in Dubai.

I recommend everyone to seek advice from Make My Firm as it is a one-stop solution for everything a business owner will need to start a new business in the UAE.

Courtney Smith, Nexus Mercantile Management Consulting

I decided that our company could do a lot of business in UAE, so I started looking for a company to help me. It was overwhelming!

Then I stumbled across Smart Zone and realized that their energy and enthusiasm was the ticket for me. My activities were investment training and management consulting and we wanted to locate in Dubai because it is the business center of the United Arab Emirates. My company was then established in mainland Dubai without any problem. The experience was wonderful!

I had very little to do. Smart Zone did all the work, especially all the boring work like filling out forms. Their driver then took me to all government offices so that I could get a Dubai residency visa. It was so easy! I’ve never seen anything like it!

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