Benefits and Features of Online Photo Editors

Due to the growth of social media and business websites, more and more people find themselves in situations where they need to edit and adopt beautiful photos. Moreover, online bloggers and social media influencers have limited ability to edit images faster and better. This suggests that to satisfy their audience’s demand for frequent updates, they need to process more high-quality photography in less time. In fact, the traditional photo editors we employ require a lot of work and effort. Photoshop is a highly sophisticated program, but using it on a computer requires waiting while it downloads, installs, and then asks us to perform difficult tasks. Luckily, quick and convenient online photo editors have emerged recently.

The benefits of using online photo editors

  1. The online image editor gives us the possibility to modify the image upload on the website, freeing up memory on our PC. After editing the photos, we can quickly shut down the computer at any time.
  2. The online image editor is capable and does not require difficult procedures. With just one click, you can quickly edit photos, which makes it ideal for beginners.
  3. Online photo editor makes it easy to share your edited photos with others via social media with just one click, and you can even ask them to create and design photos online alongside you.

Online editor features

Here we will use the highly rated and efficient Fotor photo editor as an example to describe the specific features of the online photo editor.

1. Background remover

This background removal feature uses an artificial intelligence system to quickly and efficiently remove backgrounds with a single click in about five seconds. To get a transparent background, we just need to upload a portrait photo of ourselves, and the system will do the rest. The algorithm can then be instructed to change the background of our image to white, blue or even another landscape. As a result, it will be simple for us to create solid color ID photos for things like driver’s licenses, passports, and student licenses.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about the accuracy of background removal, because you can make manual changes to the details where you don’t like it. Moreover, Fotor includes a similar feature that removes clutter and unattractive things from the background, making your social media images more appealing by eliminating the backs of unusual visitors and weird telephone poles.

2. One-Click Enhancement

This magic feature uses an artificial intelligence algorithm to enhance color, reduce blur, increase sharpness, remove haze, highlight focus and perform other operations to make your photos look blurry and dull in color. more and more bright. Sometimes the color of the shot becomes incredibly realistic, far from what it appears to be to the human eye, due to overexposure of the camera or a sudden lack of light. Currently, this feature can help improve image lighting with just one click. A similar feature lets you apply filters to images, which enhance their beauty. Examples of these filters are retro style filters, cool black and white filters, romantic paint filters and many more. new filters or include color halo, rainbow, aurora and other light effects in your photos.

3. Basic Editor

Online photo editors offer a wide range of basic editing options, including mirroring and flipping images, cropping photo compositions, changing image and pixel size, changing the contrast and exposure and adding text, frames and stickers. We can quickly understand the precise effects of these functions thanks to their clear and concise function names. And when these basic operations are coupled, they can inspire our imagination. For example, creating a new avatar by rotating and cropping the image in a circle, then adding stickers and text.

4. Portrait Retouching

Although we often point out that the realism of the photographs has always been emphasized, with the right skin and other body parts retouched, great photographs can be produced. After all, we often take photos that are unsatisfactory; for example, you may appear to have more facial flaws in the photo than you actually have. Then to heal your facial flaws, brighten your lips, remove wrinkles, remove red eyes and restore your beauty, use an online photo editor like Fotor’s portrait editing tools.

To sum up

We’ve discussed the benefits and features of online editors, discovered how quick and easy they are, and introduced the essentials of a well-known image editor. Hope this will be useful for you when editing photos.

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