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1. From distant lands

The most recent work by artist Paula Sengupta is brought together in the exhibition entitled “The Porcelain Rose” at Galerie Espace. With drawings and digital prints, he sees Sengupta venturing into animation.

“Each work evokes a space of fantasy and inevitable madness. Much of the reptilian and cactus-like flora and fauna derive in this series from all of the previous work in “Herbaria, Hortoriums and the House”, exhibited in 2018. Observed mainly during a visit to Udawallawe National Park in Sri Lanka on a visit in October 2018, visits to Yala and Wilpattu sanctuaries in Sri Lanka, as well as another visit to Tanzania remain blocked due to the ongoing pandemic ”, notes Paula Sengupta.

2. Dynamic duo

Rita dev

After being cloistered in our homes and glued to our screens for nearly two years, life is slowly turning back to an offline avatar. To continue this sense of normalcy, attend a dance and song recital by artists Sangita Chatterjee and Rita Dev respectively, as the India International Center holds its first physical recital since the start of the pandemic. Sangita Chatterjee, a kathak dancer is a disciple of guru Vaswati Misra and has presented performances like “Yagyaseni, the ultimate oblation”, a dance-theater production about the life of Draupadi. Banaras Gharana follower Rita Devi is an accomplished singer. She is an ICCR approved artist and also an All India Radio grade A artist. Both will perform at the CD Deshmukh Auditorium, IIC, on September 29 at 6:30 p.m.

Sangita Chatterjee Sangita Chatterjee

3. Weaving a tale

Weaving_a-tale Weaving a tale

Did you know that when Jamdani traveled to UP he became Banarasi, and when he moved to Andhra Pradesh he was known as Upadda, as he changed and transformed for himself to suit yarn availability and weaving styles? Inform yourself with more such facts at the ongoing Dhakai and Jamdani weaving exhibit curated by Puneet Kaushik from Siddhartha Tagore’s collection. The exhibition runs at the Kamladevi Complex, IIC, until October 4.

4. Framed over time

Framed in time

“57”, a story about a mother’s unconditional love for her son of different abilities. The anti CAA demonstration. The aftermath of the Delhi riot. Life in confinement. Experience all of these stories at the 8th Annual Photography Exhibition, which will be held at the Raghu Rai Center for Photography. The exhibition features the work of 16 students and encompasses genres such as street, documentary, landscapes, photojournalism, portraits, photo reports, fashion and product photography. The exhibition is open to the public from September 29 to October 1, at Galerie 1AQ, from 11 a.m. to 6.30 p.m.

5. Laugh out loud

Advertisement Laughing out loud

Standing comedian Kunal Kamra is back on the comedy circuit after a long hiatus. Kamra is permanently in the nation’s capital and presents a mix of new and old jokes. A performance of one hour, it promises to make you forget the worries of the world. The show will respect social distancing standards and wearing a mask is mandatory. At Helium Comedy Studio, September 26 to October 3. Tickets available on

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